Saints Coach Sean Payto Blue Jays Custom Jersey n talks about rookies

Payton: ‘They’re in a crash course if you will on getting adjusted to the terminology’

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton
Post-Practice Rookie Camp Availability
Saturday, May 12, 2018

Opening statement:

“We are into our second day. Like every year, there are three or four groups of players. We have our draft picks, the free agents that we signed after the draft and then there is a large number of three-day trial players that are rookies. Then the league allows five veteran trial players. So that is what our numbers consist of. There are a handful of players that have been with us that are eligible that don’t have an accrued season.”

What are you looking for from the veteran trial guys?

“We have a vision for them. What kind of shape they are in? They have played so what do we think they can do to help us. We have (veteran tryout players at) a handful of positions, but we have had players (that we’ve signed). Billy Miller found his way onto the roster that way. So it is really about how quickly they’re getting up to speed, the same evaluation that is taking place with the rest of the players.”

Can you get a grasp of the guys’ learning curves?

“We tell them that these are the things that are important. Do they know what to do, that is important. They’re in a crash course if you will on getting adjusted to the terminology. Then how quickly are they learning what to do and are they doing what we’re trying to teach them. It is the beginning part of the process, with just three days certainly if you’re a trial player, there’s X amount of pressure to catch someone’s eye, but every year we’ve seen it. We always in the first meeting talk to them about the procurement part of it and getting here. Then at that point, how you got here is really unimportant to us. What is important to us is what you see and trying to be fair to the evaluation process.”

What did you guys like about J.T. Barrett?

“There is a leadership presence about him. He is in an athlete. He has played a lot of competitive football and he has handled this camp very well. (He has) A lot of the things that you look for in that position. He was certainly worthy of being drafted and he has done a good job here.”

What are some of the adjustment for someone like Will Clapp as a center coming into the league?

“I’d say the multitude of fronts and maybe the size. In this camp, he’s receiving an introduction to everything from pointing out the Mike, to the protections and how we call them. But the responsibilities increase a little bit with this next level and the size of the players.”

What do you look for in a quarterback?

“How accurate is he? Does he complete passes in time? Does he get through his progressions? How quickly does he learn? Can he get to the huddle and call the play? Can he handle the cadence? His ability to ingest, process and go ahead and take it to the field.”

How was the tight end (Deon) Yelder such a key target for you guys in undrafted free agency?

“He’s big and he can run, he’s done pretty well here for the first two days, so his speed and some of his times were good. We think he catches the ball well. We have to work (with him) and get up to speed a little bit in the blocking”

I saw Zach Strief out there, how much involvement is he going to have with this team even in retirement as a player?

“That’s a good question, he didn’t know (where to go), he tiptoed around and stayed on the blacktop like he was one of you guys (media members), so we gave him an all-access pass for now. I think he likes being around it and I think he likes helping; even when he was playing, regardless of what the position was (where he could help instruct), if it was a position of another right tackle he would help so it’s good to see him out here.”

What about (Nate) Wozniak? What made you want to see if he could work at an O-line after he played tight end in college?

“He has the length. He has the stature. We didn’t feel like he was a tight end prospect and its nothing against the o-line, but that’s kind of your last stop, but I do like his length and I think he can develop. I think he can put on weight. He has the athleticism, so we’ll just keep working with him and getting him reps. He’s handled it well”

Is this a situation where you watch his blocking tape or did you work him out as an O-lineman?

“It’s kind of all of the above, watching a player you have trouble reading him at the position he’s currently playing and then you begin to think outside the box, our league has shown historically that we have a number of guys that have played tight end that have gone on to play offensive line.”

With the Mark Ingram situation, there’s going to be some evaluation of the running backs from last year. What do you like about Jonathan Williams?

“Jonathan Williams was scouted last year from Arkansas (when he played college football there prior to entering the NFL). That’s one of the reasons why we went ahead and signed him to our active roster. We thought he had real good vision and balance. There will be a handful of other guys competing for those touches. Certainly you miss something with a guy like Mark Ingram in those early weeks, but I think for us it’s going to be evaluating that whole position and determining who can handle some of that role because the mistake would be that Alvin (Kamra) gets 15 more carries and that’s not the direction we are expected to go and I think that is wise.”

Was Boston Scott drafted primarily as a running back? I know a lot of those late round picks are players expected to contribute on special teams.

“He was drafted as a running back. We worked him out, we saw his tape, we feel like he’s someone that can handle the running game and he’ll be one we’ll have a chance to look at. He’ll also be one we look at as a punt returner and a specialist, but I would have to say he’s a runner first.”

How has (Marcus) Davenport looked?

“He’s doing well, he’s working on the right side, he’s receiving a lot of work on his stance, he played in the two-point quite a bit a year ago, but he’s doing well.”

How much have you seen of Boston Scott this weekend? He didn’t look like he was participating today.

“He cramped up at practice yesterday, so he’ll practice this afternoon, but he went the other day, so he’s doing well.”

Was the Coby Fleener decision something that was coming all offseason that you guys had to kind of wait for him to get cleared?

“Well, I don’t know that I would say that. He’s still working through the process of getting cleared and he’s still working through being without symptoms, but I also felt like for the team it was something that was going to be best for us.”

How much of a gut punch was the suspension for Mark Ingram?

“It happens in our league. We receive the same notice when him and his agent are receiving the notice and you deal with it. It goes under PED’s but I know Mark well enough to know it wasn’t a performing enhancing drug. He’ll better be able to explain the other parts of it, but it happened with Willie (Snead when he was suspended) last year, so you adjust like it would be an injury.”

Is it frustrating that he hasn’t been participating in the offseason program?

“No. Listen, we spoke a couple times before the offseason program started, and it is what it is. He’ll know what to do. Now do I think he should be here? Yes, but it’s optional and we’ll see him at the minicamp.”

Do you expect anything to change with his contract status?


Will you look to bring in a veteran running back?

“Right now no, I wouldn’t say. We are constantly looking at who’s available but I’m anxious to evaluate the guys that we have here and our numbers here right now.”

Adrian Peterson told the NFL Network, that he would be open to returning to New Orleans. Is there any interest in an option like that?

“This gets back to the notion that we had any argument in Minnesota. There was none. I think a ton of him, and that would be the part where if all of sudden we decided ‘hey, we’re going to look at additional players that are on the street, his name, there will be a few others. We have him on a board right now, who’s available; veteran running backs stacked on a board graded, but he’s a tough player, warrior, and a great worker and we had a good relationship.”

Do you plan to put Marcus Davenport in a three-point stance or are you going to experiment and see what works best?

“He’ll play in a three, and there’ll be times where we stand him up I’m sure. The key is the leverage and the  Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey technique but he’s handling it well. He’s long.”

How much information is actually asked of the guys to digest considering it is a three-day camp?

“Quite a bit. We are mindful. We want to see them know what to do, so we don’t want to see a ton of mental mistakes. So the installation might be a little different than the installation in the vet camp certainly would be. So you are trying to give them things that are basics in what you do defensively and offensively so that you have a chan Custom Blue Jays Jersey ce to evaluate rather than ‘Ah I can’t evaluate because he didn’t know what to do. I say that the concern that we have all the time is that one or two of these tryout guys end up somewhere else doing well, so receiving a good evaluation on the players that are here and trying to look at what they are doing well and how they are picking things up  Toronto Blue Jays Custom Jersey and so that you can arrive a better decision (is important).”

How unique is the situation with Tyrunn Walker participating as a tryout player, obviously a guy you’ve had before, finding a spot?

“It’s good to see him. He’s versatile. He’s a little heavy right now. He hasn’t missed many crawfish boils, but he’ll receive a chance to drop some weight. He’s smart.”

The rookie receiver Tre’Quan Smith, what have you seen from him?

“He’s long. He’s athletic in and out of his cuts. (He) Still needs to work on his lower body strength but he’s handled the install well. I think he’s a quick study. He’s big and he’s doing a good job.”

Denni Blue Jays Custom Jersey s Allen on Marcus Davenport: ‘We’re certainly excited about the player’

Saints defensive coordinator said first-round pick learning technique, verbiage

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen

Post-Practice Rookie Camp Availability

Saturday, May 12, 2018

You can’t get too high or two low on Marcus Davenport at this camp considering this is the first time you’ve seen him perform as a Saint?

“Yes, I think it’s no different than any other year. Obviously, you have the athletic qualities that you are looking for. Mentally he has the things that we are looking for that gives him the chance to have success. This camp is really kind of about getting accustomed to some of the verbiage that we are going to use, getting use to some of the techniques that we are going to ask him to play. It’s kind of an introductory phase, but we’re certainly excited about the player.”

How do you envision using a guy like that?

“We’re going to play him at the right end to start off with and evaluate him there. I think the one thing that really stood out to us throughout the draft process was his ability to rush the passer. We felt like he had a unique skill-set that allowed him to be able to rush the passer. He has size, length, speed, so all the qualities that you’re looking for, he has. It’s getting hi Toronto Blue Jays Custom Jersey m out here, getting him accustomed to what we’re going to ask him to do and helping him to deveolop.”

How excited were you that the club traded up to be in the position to pick up an edge player like that?

“Those aren’t decisions that  Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey I make. Obviously, we were certainly excited that we got the player, because he was somebody that we targeted very early on in the process that we felt like he really had a unique skill-set and we felt like we could utilize his talents. Obviously, I was excited when Sean (Payton), Mickey (Loomis) and those guys decided to move up and take the player. We feel good about him.”

What’s Marcus’ grasp right now when you are trying to not overload rookies?

“I think certainly it’s been pretty good. This camp is pretty limited in what we are asking guys to do right now, so we’re not giving them too much, kind of the basics of what we do defensively. This isn’t a process that happens instantaneously. It’s a process that happens over time and we’re going to continue push and develop. We’re excited about what we have and we’re going to continue to work with him and continue to watch him get better.”

What are you most excited to see when a guy comes in from a smaller school like Marcus has?

“I think the first thing you are looking for is how does he acclimate himself into the locker room environment, how does he acclimate himself when he comes out onto the field and he has Cam Jordan sitting on one side of him and Sheldon Rankins (inside), some of those guys that have established themselves in the league and how does he fit in with that group and I don’t think he’s going to have any challenges there.”

Some have called him a raw athlete. Do you see rawness?

“I see a talented player. I see a guy that has all the qualities that you’re looking for in a right defensive end with the ability to rush the passer. He has the size, the length and the athletic ability. Now, it’s really up to us as coaches and him as a player to help develop those athletic qualities and turn him into a good football player.”

When you guys bring in a Demario Davis who has been a Mike linebacker, do you anticipate him competing for the type of role A.J. Klein had last year?

“You can’t ever have enough good football players. A lot of times guys get caught up about where a guy is on the depth chart right now and that’s really not any of our concern, no different than what we did last year. We’re going to put all those guys out there. We’re going to move them around. We’re going to let them compete. At the end of the day between the process of OTAs, minicamp and training camp, we have time to evaluate. Our job as coaches is find out who can play, put them in positions that allow them to do the things that they do really well and try to limit the things that maybe they’re not quite as good at. Healthy competition is what you’re striving for as a team, because that’s how you get better as a team.”

Do you see Klein and Davis competing for that signal-calling type of role?

“I see a competition all across the board and not just at the linebacker position. I see competition at every level of our defense. Nobody has made any concrete decisions as to who’s playing where and how much guys are playing. That will be determined throughout the process of this offseason and in training camp.”

How influential were you in the return of Patrick Robinson and what has it been for you as a coach to see him develop away from here?

“I was here when we drafted Patrick. I like Patrick as a football player. I’ve seen him develop from the time when he first came here to where he is now. I thought he had an outstanding year last year. I think he can provide a function and serve a role inside and in the nickel. I think that’s primarily where we see him playing and I think it adds another quality player to our secondary room and to the corner position specifically.”

How has Marcus Williams been in getting back at it?

“He’s been outstanding. We felt great about Marcus when we drafted him and we still feel great about him. I think he’s really developed as a player. He’s going to continue to get better.”

Did you feel the need to discuss with him the last play of the playoff game at Minnesota or have you guys moved on from it?

“We haven’t even spoken about it. There will be a point in time when we start going through the install and start talking about those situations in a game (and) we’ll discuss those things, but you live and you learn, you move past it. One play’s not going to define that player.”

John DeShazier: Saints rookie Marcus Davenport foc Blue Jays Custom Jersey used on learning, growing

Payton on first-round pick: ‘He’s handling it well. He’s long

If an economy of words extrapolates to a bounty of play, then New Orleans Saints first-round draft pick Marcus Davenport is laying the foundation for a standout season.

His actions will speak louder than his words.

“Just trying to get better, learn the plays and develop as a player,” the defensive end said Saturday, the second day of New Orleans’ three-day rookie minicamp at the Ochsner Sports Performance Center.

Those charged with helping him develop believe that the 6-foot-6, 265-pound Davenport – the No. 14 overall pick who had 22 sacks, 38 tackles for loss, six forced fumbles and eight passes defensed – has the traits that will allow him to grow and produce.

“He’s got the athletic qualities that we’re looking for,” Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen said. “Mentally, he’s got the things that we’re looking for that give him a chance to have success.

“This camp is really kind of about getting accustomed to some of the verbiage that we’re going to use, getting used to some of the techniques that we’re going to ask him to play. So it’s kind of an introductory phase, but we’re certainly excited about the player.

“We’re going to play him at the right end to start off with and evaluate him there. I think the one thing that really stood out to us throughout the draft process was his ability to rush the passer. We felt like he had a unique skill-set that allowed him to be able to rush the passer. He’s got size, Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey  he’s got length, he’s got speed – all the qualities that you’re looking for, he has, and now it’s just a matter of getting him out here, getting him accustomed to what we’re going to ask him to do and helping him develop.”

Davenport wouldn’t narrow to a specific strength he possesses.

“I don’t even know. I’m really still working on it. I’m just trying to grow. I think I can do a lot of things, I’m just trying to figure out what my thing is,” he said.

But his ability to pressure quarterbacks is what triggered the Saints to move up in the draft, from No. 27 to 14, to select Davenport. So far, though the exposure has been limited, they like what they see.

“He’s doing well,” Coach Sean Payton said. “He’s getting a lot of work on his stance. He played from a two-point (stance) quite a bit a year ago, but he’s doing well.

“He’ll play in a three (-point stance) and there’ll be times where we stand him up, I’m sure. The key is the leverage and the technique. But he’s handling it well. He’s long.”

Said Allen: “This isn’t a process that just happens instantaneously. This is a process that happens over time and we’re going to continue to push the guy to develop. We’re excited about what we have and we’re going Toronto Blue Jays Custom Jersey  to continue to work with him and continue to watch him get better.”

NO KAMARA OVERLOAD: As of now, Payton said there shouldn’t be an expectation of a massively increased workload for running back Alvin Kamara in the absence of Mark Ingram, who is suspended for the first four regular-season games due to a violation of the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy.

Kamara, the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and an All-Pro and Pro Bowler in his first season, and Ingram, who set a career single-season high in rushing yards and also was name to the Pro Bowl, were the league’s most potent duo last season.

“There’ll be a handful of other guys that will be competing for those touches,” Payton said. “Certainly, you miss something with a guy like Mark Ingram in those early weeks that you normally would get, but for us it’s going to be evaluating that whole position and  Blue Jays Custom Jersey Cheap determining who can handle some of that role. Because the mistake would be that Alvin gets 15 more carries (per game). That’s not the direction we would expect to go and I don’t think that is wise.”

A HARD LOOK: One of the more intriguing prospects at minicamp is former Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett IV. Barrett, who wasn’t drafted, is the Big Ten career leader in passing touchdowns (104) and total offense (12,697). Barrett also ran for 43 touchdowns, and had three seasons of at least 11 rushing touchdowns at Ohio State.

“There’s a leadership presence about him,” Payton said. “He’s a good athlete, he’s played a lot of competitive football and he’s handled this camp very well. (He possesses) a lot of the things that you look for in that position. He certainly was worthy of being drafted and he’s done a good job here.”

Meet the rooki Blue Jays Custom Jersey es: Boston Scott

The Saints addressed the running back position and return game with this tough and gifted athlete

BOSTON SCOTT               RB
HEIGHT: 5-6                       WEIGHT: 203
BORN: 4/27/95

COLLEGE CAREER Women’s Customized Toronto Blue Jays Majestic Flexbase Authentic Alternate Royal Blue Jersey  – With their second sixth round selection in the 2018 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints addressed the running back position and return game with this tough and gifted athlete. The team will look to use his grit and speed to the advantage of matchups as he adapts to the pro game. Over the course of his career, Scott ran for 1,840 yards and 14 touchdowns on 288 attempts. After beginning his college career as a walk-on, Scott earned a scholarship. In addition to serving as a running back for the Bulldogs, Scott returned kicks on special teams, registering 633 yards on 29 returns over the course of his career. 

2017 – Scott racked up 1,047 yards and eight touchdowns on the ground. Scott also had 20 receptions for 181 yards and a touchdown. The shifty speedster earned All-Conference USA Honorable Mention honors as a senior. 2016 – Played in all 14 games for the Bulldogs, including one start against UTSA…Had 70 carries for 515 yards and six touchdowns…Also had 11 receptions for 125 yards…Enjoyed a career-day in LA Tech’s win over Rice with career highs in rushing attempts (15), yards (137) and touchdowns (3)…Scored his first career touchdown in the home opener versus South Carolina State…Had 10 kickoff returns for 199 yards. 2015 Scott broke on to the scene with the Bulldogs during the second half of 2015…Rushed the ball 34 times for 275 yards, while also returning nine kicks for a total of 251 yards…Rushed the ball 10 times for 55 yards against Mississippi State (10/17)…Rushed four times for 21 yards and returned two kickoffs for 109 yards against North Texas (1 Toronto Blue Jays Custom Jersey 1/7)…Broke 100 yards rushing in a game for the first time in his career, carrying the ball four t Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey imes for 106 yards against Arkansas State (12/19) in the R L Carrier’s New Orleans Bowl. Scott also broke loose on a 77-yard run, a career high, while returning five kick returns for a total of 90 yards. 2014 – Ran the ball once for three yards against Western Kentucky (11/1). 2013 – Redshirted ..Member of the scout squad.

PERSONAL – Prepped at Zachary (La.) High School as a three-sport athlete, while earning letters in football (3), soccer (4) and track (1)…Totaled more than 1,500 multi-purpose yards and 1,000 yards rushing as a running back…Averaged 6.2 yards per carry for the Broncos and scored 17 touchdowns…Won the state championship in Powerlifting while at Zachary…Member of the Interact Club, Guitar Club and the band. Full name is Boston Nealand Scott…Born April 27, 1995 in Baton Rouge. 


New Orleans Saints sign six Blue Jays Custom Jersey draft picks

First-round pick Davenport, five others sign

New Orleans Saints Executive Vice President/General Manager Mickey Loomis announced that the club has signed the following draft picks; defensive end Marcus Davenport, tackle Rick Leonard, defensive backs Natrell J Men’s Customized Toronto Blue Jays Majestic Flexbase Authentic Alternate Royal Blue Jersey amerson and Kamrin Moore, running back Boston Scott and center/guard Will Clapp.

Davenport was the 14th overall selection in the first round of the NFL Draft out of Texas-San Antonio. The 6-foot-6, 265-pound San Antonio native appeared in 43 games with 34 starts in four seasons and finished his collegiate career with 186 tackles (97 solo), 22 sacks, 38 tackles for loss, six forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, one returned for a touchdown and eight passes defensed, finish Toronto Blue Jays Custom Jersey ing as the school’s all-time leader for stops for loss, takedowns and quarterback hurries (21). In 2017, Davenport was the Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year Custom Blue Jays Jersey  and a first-team All-Conference selection, when he started all 11 games and posted 55 tackles (30 solo) and set school records with 17.5 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks and eight QB hurries.

Leonard was the Saints’ fourth round draft choice (127th overall) out of Florida State. The 6-7, 305-pound Middleton, Md., native was a two-year contributor at right tackle, opening all 13 games in 2017 after transitioning from defensive end. He opened a total of 19 games out of 37 games played. In 2017, he started all 13 contests at right tackle and helped Seminoles running back Cam Akers break the program’s freshman rushing yardage record (1,024 yards).

Jamerson was the Saints’ fifth round draft pick (164th overall) out of Wisconsin. The 5-11, 198-pound Ocala, Fla., native appeared in 47 career games with 16 starts in the defensive backfield for the Badgers from 2015-17 after playing wideout his freshman year in 2014. For his college career, he recorded 88 tackles (61 solo), 16 passes defensed, two interceptions, five tackles for a loss, 1.5 sacks and 38 kickoff returns for 784 yards (20.6 avg.) and a touchdown. He opened all 14 games at safety in 2017, when he posted 51 stops, 3.5 tackles for loss, ten passes defensed and two interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown.

Moore, the club’s first of two sixth round selections (164th overall), was a four-year letterman (2014-17) and three-year starter at Boston College, where he played in 44 career games and made 31 starts. He totaled 140 tackles, two interceptions, 22 passes defensed and two fumble recoveries as part of a BC program that went to bowls in three of his four seasons. He was voted by his teammates as a captain as a senior in 2017, recording 50 tackles, two stops for loss, nine passes defensed and one fumble recovery. Moore is a native of Washington, D.C.

Scott was the second of New Orleans’ two sixth-round picks (201st overall) and a four-year letterman at Louisiana Tech, where he played in 39 career games with seven starts. During his college career, he ran for 1,840 yards and 14 touchdowns on 288 attempts, caught 32 passes for 307 yards and one touchdown and returned 29 kickoffs for 633 yards (21.8 avg.). As a senior in 2017, Scott played in all 13 games with six starts and racked up 1,047 yards rushing and eight touchdowns and posted 20 receptions in 2017 for 181 yards and a touchdown, earning All-Conference USA Honorable Mention honors.

Clapp was the Saints’ seventh-round draft choice (245th overall) and a three-year starter (2015-17) at LSU, where he started all 36 games he appeared in (13 at center, 12 at left guard, 11 at right guard), earning first-team All-Southeastern Conference honors at guard and center. In each of the three seasons, he blocked for 1,000-yard rushers. In 2017, the New Orleans native, who was a two-time Louisiana 5A All-State Team selection at Brother Martin High School, opened all 13 games at center, where he was a first-team All-SEC selection and a Rimington Trophy finalist.

Meet the rookies Kevin Pillar Blue Jays Jersey : Kamrin Moore

Moore started all 10 games he played in for the Eagles in 2017

HEIGHT: 5-11                       WEIGHT: 200

COLLEGE CAREER – A compact, muscular athlete with the ability to play multiple positions, Moore started all 10 games he played in for the Eagles in 2017 and was voted by his teammates as a captain, finishing with 50 tackles, two tackles for loss and nine passes defensed.

2017 – Voted a captain by his teammates prior…Started all 10 games he played in before suffering a season-ending shoulder injury…Finished with 50 tackles, two stops for loss, nine passes defensed and one fumble recovery…Started the season making his 14th consecutive start at cornerback in win at Northern Illinois (9/1), staying on the field for all 78 defensive  plays…Made five tackles, one pass breakup and one  Youth Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Pillar Majestic Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red Flex Base Authentic Jersey tackle for loss against Wake Forest (9/9)…Recorded six tackles and two pass breakups vs. Notre Dame (9/16)…Finished with four tackles and locked up his receivers all day at No. 2 Clemson (9/23)…All over the field in the win over Central Michigan (9/30) with six tackles, one tackle for loss and a pass breakup…Key pass breakup on the two-point conversion for Central Michigan in the first half…Eight tackles and a pass brea Women’s Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Pillar Majestic Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red Flex Base Authentic Jersey kup against No. 16 Virginia Tech (10/7)…Four tackles and recovered a fumble with less than two minutes left at Louisville (10/14) to set up game-winning FG…Five tackles and a pass breakup in the 35-3 win over Florida State (10/27)…Left the game against No. 23 NC State in the second quarter due to a shoulder injury (11/11)…Injury snapped a streak of 23 consecutive starts…Invited to the Reese’s Senior Bowl. 2016 – Started all 13 games at right corner…Recorded 43 tackles (33 solo), 1.5 tackles for a loss of four yards, two interceptions, five pass breakups and one fumble recovery…Part of the defense that ranked in the top ten in the nation in eight categories, including ninth in total defense (314.2 yards/game), second in sacks (3.62 a game) and tenth in takeaways (27)…Tallied three tackles, including half a tackle for a loss, and broke up a pass against Massachusetts ( Sept. 10)…Recorded first career interception to seal win for the Eagles at North Carolina St Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey ate (Oct. 29)…Had a team-high six tackles against Connecticut (Nov. 19); also recorded an interception and recovered his first career fu Kevin Pillar Jersey mble…Notched four tackles in win at Wake Forest (Nov. 26)…Recorded three solo stops and one pass defensed in the Quick Lane Bowl victory over Maryland (Dec. 26). 2015 – Started the first eight games of the season at left cornerback before suffering a season-ending leg injury at Louisville (Oct. 24)…Registered 25 tackles (21 solo) and four passes defensed…A member of the Eagles defense that ranked first nationally in total defense (254.3 yards) and fifth in passing efficiency against (104.66)…Tallied three tackles (two solo) in the opener vs. Maine (Sept. 5)…Added three tackles (two solo), against No. 9/6 Florida State (Sept. 18)…Collected a career-high ten tackles, including eight solo stops and a tackle for loss at No. 5/6 Clemson (Oct. 17). 2014 – Played in all 13 games and finished with 22 tackles (15 solo) and four passes defensed…Member of nation’s second-ranked, allowing just 94.5 rushing yards per game…Recorded two tackles (one solo) against No. 9 Southern California (Sept. 13)…Recorded five tackles (two solo) and assisted on a tackle for a loss of a yard against Penn State in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl (Dec. 27).

PERSONAL – Majored in communication…Earned VISAA All-State, second-team all-county and second-team All-WCAC honors in 2013 at Bishop Denis J. O’Connell (District Heights, Md.) HS…Was also named to the preseason MaxPreps Virginia All-State team…Concluded the 2013 season with 45 tackles, one sack, two fumble recoveries, 12 pass breakups and five interceptions, three returned for TDs…Earned an All-WCAC Basketball Honorable Mention nod as well.