Week 15 Postgame Quotes: Sai custom Mets jersey nts Players

Postgame reactions from the Saints players after defeating the New York Jets, 31-19.

Running back Mark Ingram

On going over 1,000 yards in consecutive seasons:
“It truly is a blessing. God is good. It was something that I always wanted to do. I just have to thank the Lord for this opportunity and putting me on this platform. I need to thank my teammates, my coaches and anyone who’s ever blocked for me. There’s a lot of hands that go into having two seasons like that.”

On the game:
“We were a little sloppy. We had some turnovers. There is room to build. We will look at this film and get better from it. We have to get ready for next week.” 

On the opening drive screen pass play where it was ruled that he was pushed out of bounds at the Jets ten-yard line:
“I thought I scored. When they showed it up there, I knew it was close. They called it out. I thought I got in. It was customized minnesota twins jersey cheap  a great (play) call. They brought some safety pressure and I bluffed it. Mike Thomas made the run happen on the end with his block. I just tried to get in there at all costs.”

Running back Alvin Kamara

On being back on the field:
“It is what it is. It’s football. I got back in there this week and did what I had to do. It felt good to be back in there. I felt good. It was back to the regularly scheduled program.”

On having a 1,000 yard back in his teammate Mark Ingram:
“There’s a lot of work that goes into it. It’s a reward for the work that has been put in. We just have to keep going. We have a thousand, but now we want another thousand and another thousand and another thousand. I’m proud of Mark (Ingram) for having being able to do that in back-to-back years. It’s a group effort including the linemen, receivers and everyone. It’s great to have.”
Wide receiver Michael Thomas

On trust on the 50-50 balls:
“I love it.”

On the two reversed touchdowns:
“I’m trying to get out of here Custom Mets Jersey  is fast as I can to forget about it. I am ready to move on to Atlanta. You want to score and put points up on the board.” 

Defensive end Cameron Jordan

On the defense today:
“We came out here to get a win. It was definitely a sloppy game. We have to improve on defense. When you talk about the defensive effort given, we only had one s custom mlb jersey cheap ack, but we harassed the quarterback a little bit. We had (Bryce Petty) coming in with a talented arm. We knew he wa Men’s Authentic Custom Minnesota Twins Road Gray Stitched Baseball Jersey s a runner a little bit. It was on us to contain him.”

On holding the Jets to field goals after offensive turnovers:
“If you looking at perfection, then we are looking for a turnover as well to prevent those points from being put up. It’s something that we have to do as a defense and something that we take as a challenge. Every game we try to be the best de Men’s Authentic Personalized New York Mets Home White Stitched Baseball Jersey fense on the field. I think we did that tonight, but it was a sloppy game. We have a lot to clean up.”

Defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins 

On the play of the defense today overall:
“We had stretches where we played like we wanted to play, b Custom Twins Jersey ut overall it was not to our satisfaction. We allowed them to stay i new york mets custom jersey n the game too long. We did not neutralize their run game. We needed to make Bryce Petty to try to beat us. In the end, we got the win. That’s all that matters in this league and you can feel good about yourself going into next week.”

On if they were looking ahead to Atlanta today in this game:
“I do not think so. I think the Jets came out here and made some plays. That is what they get paid to do and that is what they came out here and did. At the end of the day, we need to be able to take away those explosive plays downfield and big yardage on run plays. We need to get them in second and long and third and long, so the percentages are in our favor.”

Week 15 Postgame Quotes: New Yor custom Mets jersey k Jets

Postgame reactions from the New York Jets after falling to the New Orleans Saints.

New Orleans Saints vs New York Jets
Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017 Mercedes-Benz Superdome
Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles

On only scoring three points off of three takeaways today:
“When you get three turnovers, you normally win the ballgame. The offense fought  Men’s Authentic Custom Minnesota Twins Road Gray Stitched Baseball Jersey and the defense fought. We did not make enough plays. We did not capitalize on the turnovers.”

On the play of quarterback Bryce Petty today:
“Some plays he would like to have back, obviously. He was a little high on some balls and a little low on some others. (He was) poised wisely even into the game. He tried to execute the game plan. I thought that it was good experience for him.”

On what changed for the team defensively after the first three Saints’ offensive series:
“Attention to detail, obviously. We let the screen out with (Mark) Ingram on the first play. We got that under control. I thought that we played pretty well until the last play (Ingram’s fourth quarter touchdown).”

On not taking advantage of opportunities:
“He (Bryce Petty) just didn’t make any plays. Plays that we needed to make to win the game, he didn’t make. He will get better at that.”

On if Leonard Williams has a concussion:

On only throwing deep one time:
“We had a couple others dialed up, but coverage-wise they took it away, so we had to go elsewhere.”

On if younger players will get more time since the team has been eliminated from playoff contention:
“Our younger guys are playing, not well when we don’t play together. We plan to get them more experience as we play.”

On the Saints offense:
“We know that they’re talented, the quarterback, the runners. (Michael) Thomas is a gifted receiver. They’ve got a good O-line. They made some plays in the first half. We made some in the second half. They broke one out late when Ingram got the touchdown run. They are a talented group. It’s hard to pint them down for four quarters.”

On if the defense played well enough to win:
“No, we can do some things better, obviously. We got three turnovers, but that doesn’t dictate the game. We could’ve played things better in the first half. We shouldn’t have let the touchdown (happen) at the end.”

On the play of the wide receivers today and some of their dropped passes:
“They played hard. (The drops) are part of the game. Obviously, we’re going to have some good games. We are going to have some not good games. The entire team fought. They (the Saints) made more plays than us.”

On his message to the team after the loss:
“They are going to keep fighting. Obviously, this is going to turn. I believe that we have a good core group. We just need to eliminate some of the mistakes and some of the situational football things, and we will be okay.”

On why he is confident in Bryce Petty playing quarterback going forward for this team:
“It was his first game, number one. He played with confidence. He’s going to see some things (during game action). And, it’s faster-paced down here. It is a tough environment. I thought that he handled himself well. We don’t want the turnover, that is number one. He will be more accurate as we go.”

On the 12 men on the field penalty on the first drive:
“It shouldn’t happen. We had 12 men (on the field), so it wasn’t good from the sideline from the coaches or the players.” On why he is confident that the team can turn around the losses: “We’ve got fight. I don’t worry about how many that we lost in a row. I know how we lost and I know why we lost. We are fighting. As long as we’ve got fight and we correct the small things, we will be fine.”

Quarterback Bryce Petty

On performance today:
“Obviously good things, bad things. Things that (I) need to work on and improve, I think, mechanically. As far as knowing and understanding the gameplan and knowing what you see out there, I felt really confident. So, that’s a good set to pull from. The more time I get out there, the more times I see it, the better I am going t new york mets custom jersey o get.”

On what he wasn’t happy with today:
“Just some mechanical things. I think just footwork in general which kind of comes with the game atmosphere. You’re going to miss some throws, I understand that. The hitches on the outside, you know you can’t miss those. Especially, when they are running their butt off. Robby (Anderson) has done a great job. All those guys are. When you got the football in your hand, the last thing you want is to have a missed throw after they’ve run a good route. So, just missing some footwork there. We’ll go back in there, and that’s an easy fix.”

On all of the batted down passes:
“I don’t know. I feel like I am a little bit taller than their number 9. So, it’s just one of those things. A quick game, that’s kind of part of it. Defenses, especially D-lines, they’re good at reading that kind of stuff. They watch you. Just little things, from my standpoint, as far as whether you move your head a little bit to the right or left or arm angle, that kind of stuff. Again, it comes with being in there and seeing it.”

On if he had nerves going into the game today:
“To be honest man, I really didn’t. I felt really, really good coming out. Then we had that 14-play drive there, and we were rocking and rolling. So, we just kind of have to keep building on that. And that’s on myself as well, as the game goes on to continue that momentum and that focus. The defense gave us three turnovers. We couldn’t ask for a better outcome there. We just have to capitalize. From start to finish, I felt really good, really crisp about things from a mental standpoint. Not letting the nerves get the best of me.”

On what Josh McCown said to him after the game:
“Just make sure I was healthy. And then same stuff, man. It’s all correctable. That’s the thing. Especially this position, naturally you are a perfectionist with stuff or with things. So, I want to complete every ball. I want to make all the right reads, and obviously at the end of the day, win. When those things don’t happen, it’s easy to get down on yourself and kind of start plucking things. These are things you can grow from and form a positive manner, I guess if  custom mlb jersey cheap that makes sense, on the day. He was just keeping me positive. ‘Hey man that’s why there’s next week. You know we’re not going to miss those again.’”

On positives to pull from today:
“Like I said, there’s a lot to pull from it that’s positive. Getting back out there. One, there is game flow that Josh sees from week 1 to week 12 that myself or Hack (Christian Hackenberg) (don’t see). There is only one of us out there. So, getting into that huddle, getting calls, reading defenses, and then being able to execute. So, there’s a lot of positive things from this game.”  

On his explanation of the lack of the deep ball today in the offense:
“The defenses they were playing, they were playing off on Robbie (Anderson) a lot, really off on everybody. They were willing us to run the ball, so that is what we did and had success with it. Like I said before, just kind of have to continue to be in situations where we can dictate the defense and not the other way around. One is getting points in the red zone and not just field goals, but touchdowns. Especially against that group right there. Those things will come. As far as your question (why there wasn’t many long passes) they were playing pretty deep back there, so I thought we moved the ball well.”
Running Back Elijah McGuire

On touchdown:
“It was nice. I’m trying to do everything I can to help my team, but it wasn’t enough.”

On if he was a Saints fan growing up:
“I wasn’t.”  

On what has stood out about his rookie year for him so far:
“Just learning. When I first started the season, everything was fast-paced. I did not know what was going on, but as I got in my playbook, got in the film room, and started learning, the game slowed down. So, that is where I am at now, it is slowing down.” 

On what was said as game was close late in the game:
“We (the offense) were just keeping each other up on the sidelines. The defense gave us three turnovers and we didn’t do a good job of capitalizing off it. So, we got to get better and help the D because the D helped us out a lot.”

On being captain for coin toss today:
“Just a Louisiana native thing. All the guys that (were) captains were either from Louisiana or played in Louisiana, so that was the theory behind that.”

Left Tackle Kelvin Beachum 

On how Bryce Petty played today:
“We had a chance to win. No matter any quarterback that you have behind you, as long as you have a chance to win you know that the quarterback’s doing his job.”

On how Petty handled himself today:
“He was comfortable in the huddle, he’s always been that way. He was confident when he came in to the huddle. When adversity hit, he didn’t blink an eye. As a quarterback you want to Men’s Authentic Personalized New York Mets Home White Stitched Baseball Jersey  have that quarterback give you a chance to win the game. We had ample chances to win, we got into the red zone a number of times. We didn’t capitalize with seven like we wanted to.”

Cornerback Morris Claiborne 

On if he thinks that this team is getting closer to or farther from winning games:
“I feel like we are getting closer. As long as we keep preparing and fighting the way we have been fighting, it is going to eventually come together for us.”

On what’s holding the team back at the end of games:
“I don’t know. If I had the answer to it, we would be doing it right now. We just have to keep battling. Just have to keep fighting, keep going.”

On the strong play of the defense today:
“We did not do enough. We were able to get off the field, but they conv Men’s Authentic Custom New York Mets Alternate Home Royal Blue MLB Jersey Cheap erted on some big plays. The first couple of drives we gave up like three touchdowns in a row. To beat those type of teams, you can’t give those guys those type of points.”

On hanging in after strong start by Saints:
“In this league it’s not enough just to hang in there and at the end you still come up short. That’s the tough thing about it. Just hanging in there in this league is not enough. We didn’t do enough to get it done today.”

Linebacker Darron Lee 

On the energy that the defense brought today and creating three turnovers:
“We made it a challenge to each other to pick up the turnover aspect of the game. We were going into the half, I don’t think we had one yet…We did have one, but we needed to get more just to help put the offense in better positions and I’m proud of the way we did. My personal opinion, we got to get more. But hey, we’re going back to work tomorrow.”

On the Saints’ early success throwing to running backs:
“A couple things. It’s really communication on our part. Ever Custom Mets Jersey ybody (has) got to be on the same page. A loud environment in there, so more communication on us and that falls on us. So, just those things. Got to fix those things up, that’s all.” 

Saints Game Paul Molitor Jersey day Guide: Everything you need to know for Week 15 vs. Jets

Saints take on the New York Jets on December 17 at 12:00 PM in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

The New Orleans Saints will take on the New York Jets on Sunday, December 17 at 12:00 PM in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. All gates at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome open at 10:00 AM, with t Marco Estrada Jersey he exception of Gate A Ground Level, which opens to Suite and ADA patrons at 9:00 AM. Champions Square will also open at 9:00 AM, along with club XLIV & Opening Act.

The Saints and Dixie Beer will also be honoring and hosting more than 200 first responders during Sunday’s game to thank them for thei Paul Molitor Jersey r work and sacrifice in our communities.

The game will be regionally televised on CBS, (WWL-4) locally, WWL Radio (870-AM, 105.3 FM) as well as on WGSO (990 AM) in Spanish. Fans can also stream the game live or on-demand with NFL Game Pass on your computer or tablet. For full broadcast listings on television and radio, CLICK HERE

A new mandate from the NFL will require fans to use walk-through metal detectors at all entry gates to enhance safety and security. Read more about the new process. Fans will also have several parking options as well as routes to and from Mercedes Benz Superdome. For the latest information on parking and directions, CLICK HERE

Fans will also have several parking options as well as routes to and from Mercedes Benz Superdome. For the latest information on parking and directions, CLICK HERE

The Saints will also be providing up the minute traffic updates through the team app via Waze as well as @SaintsGameday

For more information about your gameday experience, visit our A to Z Fan Guide.

50/50  Toronto Blue Jays RAFFLE 
50/50 Raffles retur Kevin Pillar Jersey n to all Saints home games at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome this season. The Saints will use the 50/50 Central platform to allow fans an opportunity to donate to local charitable organizations or causes by participating. Proceeds from Sunday’s raffle will benefit the volunteers of America. 

For more inform Youth Majestic Flexbase Authentic 25 Marco Estrada Toronto Blue Jays Home White Baseball Jersey ation, ticket prices and a list of winners, CLICK HERE

Get your gameday started at 9:00AM at Champions Square with frosty drinks, delicious food, and a special live pregame performance by Zebra. In addition to the great food and beverage offerings available for purchase throughout the Square, popular food trucks Food Drunk, Chef Scott’s Creole BBQ, and Centerplate’s Streetcar Eats will also be in attendance. 

The Saints also will be collecting new, unwrapped toys in support  Men’s Toronto Blue Jays 19 Paul Molitor Authentic Mitchell and Ness Home White Throwback Jersey of the Toys for Tots Program in partnership with the Marines. There will be collection boxes at each entrance gate to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and Champions Square.

Once inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, fans will enjoy a National Anthem performance from cajun fiddler, singer, and actress, Amanda Shaw. Halftime will also feature Marcus Stroman Jersey  Saints Hall of Fame kicker Morten Andersen Ring of Excellence Presentation.

In addition, Saints legend and Hall of Fame kicker Morten Andersen along with Hall of Fame specialist, Michael Lewis will be signing autographs at the Saints Hall of Fame Museum from 10:00-11:15AM prior to Sunday’s game.

Week 15 Postgame Quotes: Drew Bree Paul Molitor Jersey s

Postgame reactions from Saints quarterback Drew Brees after defeating the New York Jets 31-19.

New Orleans Saints vs New York Jets
Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017 Mercedes-Benz Superdome
Quarterback Drew Brees

On if today was kind of a grind it out game:
“It was. I think on offense it was a fast start. The first three possessions were good, 17 points. Then we hit a bit of a lull there where we were kind of selfdestructive in the late second quarter and into the third quarter. Three turnovers in that period of time, obviously, took points off the board on two of those where we were driving, we were in the red zone, and had a lot of momentum. That part of it was disappointing because we felt like there were opportunities there to distance ourselves and score points.  Paul Molitor Jersey We made it harder than I think it needed it to be, and yet, when we needed to put together and drive, and convert some third downs, and make plays at the end, we were able to do that.”
On the fourth quarter drive where Michael Thomas came up big and what he has meant to the offense throughout this season:
“It was superb. He had a big third-down conversion, then he went up and made a great play. It might’ve been the very next play or soon thereafter. Then obviously the touchdown catch. It was just a tough, physical play on his part. Really that entire drive, you could see it in his eyes. He wanted the ball and he wanted to be making the plays.”

On if he is surprised he does not receive the attention of some other wide receivers in the National Football League:
“I certainly feel like Mike Thomas deserves more attention, as Toronto Blue Jays  far as where he stands amongst some of the league’s best receivers. He has had two very good years thus far and he continues to get better and better. He is a guy that wants to learn and wants to be put in as many positions as possible to help thi Marco Estrada Jersey s team and make plays. He envisions himself as that type of player and he is. What is fun for me is coming into work every day with a guy like that who approaches each and every practice like it’s a game. His attention to detail, and his focus, and his intensity. There isn’t a walk through for Mike. It’s always full-go, where do I need to be, when do I need to be there, and when do you expect me to be there. I love that attitude in a player.” 

On how the offense works to avoid some of these mistakes on offense again during this stretch run:
“The interception’s unfortunate because you’re throwing a checkdown and the guy throws his hands up and you kind of get hit as that happens. Just the timing of that, where it is the end of the (fi Youth Majestic Flexbase Authentic 25 Marco Estrada Toronto Blue Jays Home White Baseball Jersey rst) half, and it’s two-minute (offense), and you want to be the one going down and scoring points, and going into halftime with momentum. Instead you give it to them, they kick a field goal, and then they have the momentum. So that stinks, but two fumbles and I’d say that’s happened too many times this year. We are knocking at the door and we give it back and squander the opportunity. Maximizing our chances at points and our opportunities is going to be key for this team moving on.”

On putting his finger on the third down struggles today and during the entire season:
“Here is the thing with that, we are certainly not pleased with where our th Kevin Pillar Jersey ird down numbers have been this year when you just look at the whole season. In our defense today, I felt like we had a bunch of Marcus Stroman Jersey  good drives and a bunch of good conversions. Points where we were not even getting to third down, and we went down, and we were doing good things. You get into some third and long situations based upon penalties and stuff like that. We converted on a fourth down there which kind of negates the lack of conversion on a third. If you count that then that is 40 percent and if you get one more then that is 50 percent. You’re so close to the number that you want. I think the way we look at it though is your 30 percent on third-down and one of those fumbles happened on third-down so there’s your 50 percent right there and then it’s a totally different conversation. When you can still score 31 points and you’re at 30 percent, that just tells us ‘where can we be if we are at 50 percent.’ There aren’t wholesale changes (needed), it’s nothing miraculous, it’s just one more. One more and instead of being a middle of the pack third-down team, you’re a top five, which is where we are used to being.”

On Cameron Jordan’s ability to bat down passes:
“He’s like Dikembe Mutumbo player defensive end. It’s pretty awesome. Those are game-changers. Especially the one on the two-point conversion (didn’t count as a pass defensed officially since it was a two-point conversion attempt). That was a huge play.”

On if with the Jets defense there was anything specific they presented to him early on that confused him or was it more miscues offensively:
“We scored on our first three possessions so I felt like we had good rhythm, we had good tempo, we were able to hit some big plays and then it was really just the turnovers after that. I felt like we were in position to make plays and, unfortunately, they got the ball out on us. We need to do a better job of hanging onto the ball out on us.”  

On if they scoreboard-watched during the game:
“No. You find out about it after the game. We just focus on what we are doing at the time.”  

On if it’s not human nature to sneak a peek:
“It’s human nature, but you have to fight human nature a lot of those times.”

On his reaction to Reggie Bush’s career upon his retirement from playing football:
“Great memories. He had an 11-year career, a phenomenal career. Obviously, a great five years here and he went on to play really well in Miami, Detroit, and Buffalo. Reggie was a special player. A guy that when he first came out, you look at what he did in college and what he did when we first got him in this offense, he revolutionized the position a little bit. All of a sudden, there became that  Women’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 11 Kevin Pillar Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Jersey position, that guy that everybody was striving to have as part of their offense. When the ball was in his hands, he was electric. Out of the backfield, carrying it, catching it, split him out. He was basically a receiver when you split him out. He could return punts and do a lot of things. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to play with him. We, obviously, won a Super Bowl together so we are locked together forever for that.”

Quo Jeff Petry Jersey tes from Pete Carmichael and Dennis Allen’s Friday conference call

Offensive and defensive coordinators speak to the media on Friday, Dec. 15

New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael
Conference Call with Saints Media
Friday, December 15, 2017

How have you seen Trey Edmunds adapt to his role on o Customized Canadiens Jersey ffe Men’s Adidas Montreal Canadiens 4 Jean Beliveau Authentic Home Red Ice Hockey Jersey nse, we don’t see him on offense really but what he does as backup and on special teams?
“I think what we saw from him as a runner and on special teams during training camp we felt very positive about him and obviously the situation we have Mark (Ingram) and Alvin (Kamara) rolling. but we’re not afraid to put him in. He’s really progressing with his time here.”

How do you see that progress? Is it scout team stuff? Is it just random drills?
“I think obviously he had a very good training camp. Then opportunities maybe in practice where he is getting a rep here and you also get to see him do some stuff on scout team. I think you pay attention to his performance and like what you see. You have a smart football player.”

How do you think Mark Ingram has grown in his time here?
“I think the number one thing for him is experience. He’s always been a competitor, a tough guy who wants to go out and do his best. His familiarity with the system and his experience has helped him through the years.”

Is he having a better year this year than he ever has or is he just receiving more carries this year?
“That’s a good question. I think he’s playing very well this year. I think he’s played very well in the past. But clearly this year he’s having an outstanding year.”

Sean’s (Payton) mentioned to us a couple of times this week about the study of play sequencing. From your perspective, how does that help you?
“When you’re talking about it are you talking about openers? Or as series go on?”

I think both?
“I know this when we get into a game the night before, we have the opportunity, we get the players some openers that we feel comfortable with but that’s also a chance to get them to see early on what we’re doing. But that varies week by week, how many you’re giving them. That can change pretty quickly in a game you get yourself in a different situation, you’re seeing something different or you get the third down red zone. That can change by game.”

How much did you guys miss Alvin Kamara in that first matchup against the Falcons eight days ago?
“Obviously a player of his caliber, you are going to miss him. But we feel comfortable with Mark (Ingram) doing all those roles. We have to be ready for when things like that happen.”

Where have you seen growth for Mike Thomas this year?
“I think a year in the system and a whole off season. I think he’s had the ability to not just focus sol Jeff Petry Jersey ely on his position, know the whole concept, what other guys are doing and really be able to move him around more and put him in some different spots.”

How much do you think Curtis Johnson has helped him with his development?
“Obviously, he’s been in the system a year. Johnny Morton did a great job last year. Obviously CJ coming in and working with him. He stays on him. He’s done a great job with him and his progression.”

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, December 15, 2017

How has the line been doing since Alex Okafor went down?
“I think they’ve done a nice job. Obviously any time you lose a player of Alex’s caliber, it sets you back a little bit. But I think overall our defensive line has performed very well. Each week is a different challenge. This week will be a different challenge than it was over the last couple of weeks. But I fully expect that those guys will come in and play well this week.”

What ju Montreal Canadiens mps out to you about the Jets offense? What changes with Bryce Petty in there as the starter?
“Well obviously it remains to be seen what changes with Petty in there. Really what we have to go in and look at really is the little bit of time he played in the Denver game and also go back to the preseason tape to really look at maybe some of those things that they have done with him in the game. Obviously we went back and looked at some of the games from last year, but it is a different offense, it is a different system. So that kind of remains to be seen. I have seen an offense that has been able to make some explosive plays. They’ve been able to get the ball down the field. (Robby) Anderson is a good receiver. They’ve been able to really throw the ball down the field to him and they’ve scored a lot of explosive touchdowns. I think it’s a challenging offense to face and we have to be ready to play.”

Coach Payton talked to us on Thursday morning for a little bit about the study of play sequencing. How does that affect you in terms of adjusting to a script?
“Obviously most teams come out and script the first 10-15 plays. Usually you are going to see change of personnel groupings. You are going to see some different formations. You’re going to see some up tempo as far as they’re trying to get in and out of the huddle and run these plays. Usually you’ll see some misdirection things and things of that nature but really to try to get the defense off balance. The hope is that we come out and we’re able to execute and know that they’re going to try to do some of these things. We have to anticipate seeing some unscouted looks and kind of weather that storm a little bit. But ultimately offenses kind of fall back into what they generally do. We’ll see a lot more of those conventional things that we’ve seen on tape, we’ll see a lot more of those things as the game goes on. But obviously we’ll see some unscouted looks early in the game that we have to be prepared to handle.”

How hard is it for you at this time  Men’s Adidas Montreal Canadiens 29 Ken Dryden Authentic Home Red Ice Hockey Jersey of the year to not watch the scoreboards knowing how tight this NFC South race is?
“It is really not that hard because every week you go out there and pl Ken Dryden Jersey ay you have a huge challenge sitting right there in front of you and we do not control anything that happens outside of our building. All we can control are the things that we are doing. The best teams in this league are able to focus on one task at hand and take care of their own business and all of those other things will handle themselves as long as you handle your own business.”

We saw Marshon (Lattimore) dancing at practice and obviously we haven’t seen that in a couple of weeks since he was injured. How much energy does that guy bring to the defense?
“There’s a lot of young guys on our team that bring a lot of energy to our football team. Our guys enjoy playing the game, they understand this is something that should be fun. They’re relishing the opportunity to come out here and play in games when you’re in a competition whether it be the playoffs or the NFC South or whatever the case may be. There are a lot of things that we Jean Beliveau Jersey ’re playing for right now and our guys are really enjoying and relishing in that opportunity. Quite honestly those are fun guys to coach.”

With Manti Te’o, how much has he sort of been prepared since he’s gotten here to handle a full-time role?
“I think Manti’s played really well for us this year. It’s always good when somebody goes down to have somebody to step in and play and perform at a high level and Manti’s been able to do that and we would anticipate that he would be able to do that if that’s what the role calls for.”




Quote Jeff Petry Jersey s from Sean Payton’s Friday Press Conference

Sean Payton speaks to the New Orleans media at the Ochsner Sports Performance Center on Friday, Dec. 15

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Media Availability
Friday, December 15, 2017

The Jets are going to be without (Muhammad) Wilkerson, what do they lose without him?
“He’s one of their starting players. Obviously, it’s no different than when a player gets injured. It’s one of their interior linemen. Obviously, he is a good player, but I’m not really familiar with everything regarding why. We will treat it no different than an injury. 

Why did you guys claim Jonathan Freeny?
“We like the player. We know him. We feel like we’ve followed him as he has gone (through his career). It gives us flexibility in the base. It gives us flexibility with regards to A.J. (Klein) too and we had space to do it.”

Is he a strongside type?
“He’s played strong, he’s played Mike, and he’s played inside.”

Is he a guy that can also contribute on special teams if needed?
“We will see where he is. He has played a lot of base snaps for the Patriots at inside linebacker.”

Zach Wood was saying that Bradford Banta was the one who suggested he start working out with the linebackers to improve his tackling. Have you ever had a deep snapper go out there and drill Ken Dryden Jersey  with the linebackers?
“I don’t think it’s anything unusual. It’s kind of like the sheep are a Montreal Canadiens ll over here, and the long snapper is in a field over there, and the punter is over there. Every once in a while, you want to bring them to where the sheep are.”

Have you ever thought about using him in an emergency situation because he played defensive end in college?

Is (Alvin) Kamara officially cleared to play Sunday?
 Men’s Adidas Montreal Canadiens 4 Jean Beliveau Authentic Home Red Ice Hockey Jersey “Everyday I know it is receiving a ton of hits on your website, but Kamara is playing. He’s been cleared. He was cleared yesterday after practice.”

You mentioned yesterday about the study of play sequencing, can you explain how that helps you guys?
“It’s just the idea of understanding with each opponent, there are a certain series of plays, play-action pass, three-s Jean Beliveau Jersey tep (drop), run-run. A lot of it has a lot of variables to it. It’s not an exact science, but it is just an order in which plays are run and then probability of success. Factoring in the offenses are different, it’s not this huge mathematical equation. It’s just the study of the sequence of plays. Run-pass, play-action, three-step, empty (backfield), you name it.”

Is that something new or have you guys been doing it for a while?
“We always go into a game with a certain way you want to move the ball on early downs, and yet this is just a little bit more tangible. With a guy like Ryan (Herman), you can say ‘put a pen to that and see what you come up with’. That is really about it.” 

What do you think has been the difference this year in Mark Ingram’s play?
“He’s healthy and he’s in great shape. I thought in this past offseason, he had a really good spring. He’s running hard and I think he’s doing a good job after contact, pad level. Some of the hidden yardage he is getting is impressive. I think those guys up front are doing well. It’s going to be important for us to have him for this stretch run.”

Is it unique for a running back to have his best year to date in his seventh year?
“He had a really good year last year. A really goo Jeff Petry Jersey d season.”

Have you been a part of that in the past as a coach? Having a running back this late in his career have his best y Men’s Adidas Montreal Canadiens 29 Ken Dryden Authentic Home Red Ice Hockey Jersey ear?
“I do not feel like it is real late. He was drafted in 2011. He had a couple of injuries early on. That slowed his progress down early, but I think he played really well last year. His numbers last year were outstanding.”

How do you think the heavy defensive personnel has been working? It seems you’ve been going with an extra defensive tackle or putting (Sheldon) Rankins outside since (Alex) Okafor went down.
“There are a handful of different personnel groupings, all with a certain purpose. Some with a heavy front with more of a nickel back end, some with a heavy front with more of a heavy back end. Some of it’s predicated on what we are trying to stop or what we think we’re trying to stop.” 

How do you think the line has been doing since (Alex) Okafor has been out?
“I think well. We miss him, obviously. He was playing well, but I think they have been doing a good job.”

I know you weren’t worried about this when you acquired (Adrian) Peterson, but do you think Mark Ingram handled it like any running back would or do you think he handled it exceptionally well?
“I thought he handled it exceptionally. It happened during free agency, and it was a little bit of replacing Tim Hightower, and there wasn’t three (tailbacks expecte Customized Canadiens Jersey d to see significant snaps) at that time. It was just Mark (Ingram) and Adrian (Peterson).”

Inside the Game: Saints v Derek Newton Jersey s Jets Series History

The Saints and Jets have met 12 times, w Houston Texans Football Jersey ith the series tied 6-6.

Saints vs. Jets Series History    

The Saints and Jets have met 12 times, with the series tied 6-6. The Saints are 2-3 vs. the Jets at home. Two of New Orleans’ victories against the Jets have come as shutouts, with the Saints posting 14 shutouts in their 51 Houston Texans Women’s Jersey -year history. Overall, this series has been extremely close with eight of the 11 contests being decided  Women’s Brian Cushing Houston Texans Nike Elite Navy Blue Team Color Football Jersey by seven points or less, five by thr CJ Fiedorowicz Jersey ee points or less. Below is a look back on the all-time results:
Date          Score           Site             Att.

12/3/72    L, 17-18 Derek Newton Jersey    Shea Stadium  62,496

12/4/77    L, 13-16   Superdome      40,4 Men’s Nike HoustonTexans C J Fiedorowicz Elite Vapor Untouchable Color Rush Navy Blue Jersey 64

12/14/80  W, 21-20  Shea Stadium   38,077

11/21/83  L, 28-31   Superdome       68,606

10 Deandre Hopkins Jersey /26/86  L, 23-28   Giants Stadium  44,246

10/15/89  W, 29-14  Superdome       59,521

12/26/92  W,20-0     Giants Stadium  45,614

12/24/95  W,12-0     Giants Stadium  28,885

11/14/01  L, 9-16     Superdome       70,020

11/27/05  W, 21-19  Giants Stadium  77,152

10/4/09    W, 24-10  Superdome       70,009

11/3/13    L, 20-26   MetLife Stad.     76,957

Inside the Game: Saints vs Jets Stats Compa Derek Newton Jersey rison

2017 Saints-Jets Statistical Comparison

2017 Saints-Jets Statistical Comparison 

League Rankings

 Women’s Brian Cushing Houston Texans Nike Elite Navy Blue Team Color Football Jersey 

 Houston Texans Football Jersey 





9-4 5-8
 Men’s Nike HoustonTexans C J Fiedorowicz Elite Vapor Untouchable Color Rush Navy Blue Jersey 

Scoring Avg. (NFL Rank)

28.5 (3)

20.4 (20)

Opp. Scoring Avg. (NFL Rank)

20.2 (11) 23.9 (21)

Total Off. (NFL Rank) Deandre Hopkins Jersey 

400.7 (1) 311.4 (23t)

Rushing Off. (NFL Rank)

135.5 (4) 103.2 (21)

Passing Off. (NFL Rank)

265.2 (5)

208.2 (20)

Total  Derek Newton Jersey Def. (NFL Rank)

331.1 (15) 347.3 (21)

Rushing Def. (NFL Rank)

110.4 (19)

116.9 (21)

Passing Def. (NFL Rank)

216.8 (10)

230.4 (19)
 CJ Fiedorowicz Jersey 

Kickoff Return Avg. (NFL Rank)

20.4 (25)

20.7 (21)

Punt Return Avg. (NFL Ran Houston Texans Women’s Jersey k)

6.1 (24)

4.9 (31)

Turnover Margin (NFL Rank)

+5 (8t)

-2 (19)




Penalty Yards

807 867

Opp. Penalties

88 94

Opp. Penalty Yards

694 760

Five things to know about  CJ Fiedorowicz Jersey the New Orleans Saints on Thursday, Dec. 14

Pro Bo Men’s Nike HoustonTexans C J Fiedorowicz Elite Vapor Untouchable Color Rush Navy Blue Jersey wl voting ends today, be sure to vote for your Saints players before it’s too late.

1. Coach Payton will speak to the media today about preparation for the Week 15 game against the New York Jets. Listen to what coach Payton had to say here later this morning. 

2. We’ll go inside the locker roo Deandre Hopkins Jersey m this afternoon and speak Houston Texans Football Jersey  to Saints players about their thoughts on the Jets. Tune in here. 

3. CJ Fiedorowicz Jersey  John DeShazier  Houston Texans Women’s Jersey and Cindy Robinson will tell you everything you need to know about the Saints in the Afternoon Wrap. 

4. Pro Bowl voting ends tod Women’s Brian Cushing Houston Texans Nike Elite Navy Blue Team Color Football Jersey ay, be sure to vote for your Saints players before it’s too late. 

5. In case you missed it, Drew Brees and his fam Derek Newton Jersey ily teamed up with the Audubon Institute to open a playground that offers features to children of all abilities.

Saints Mor CJ Fiedorowicz Jersey ning Break for Monday, December 16

Taking a look at Internet Houston Texans Women’s Jersey  Derek Newton Jersey  coverage of the Sa Houston Texans Football Jersey ints and the NFL

Start you Deandre Hopkins Jersey r day w Men’s Nike HoustonTexans C J Fiedorowicz Elite Vapor Untouchable Color Rush Navy Blue Jersey ith all the Saints CJ Fiedorowicz Jersey  related news  Women’s Brian Cushing Houston Texans Nike Elite Navy Blue Team Color Football Jersey around the web.