Five things to remember about cornerback Patrick Robinso Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey Red n

The New Orleans Saints drafted Robinson with the 32nd pick in the first round of the 2010 draft

  1. The New Orleans Saints drafted Patrick Robinson with the 32 Toronto Blue Jays Red Jersey nd pick in the first round of the 2010 draft Youth Toronto Blue Jays Josh Donaldson Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red FlexBase Authentic Jersey . Robinson played five seasons with the Saints and had 117 tackles, 25 pass deflections and seven interceptions Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey  during his time in New Orleans.
  2. Robinson has been in the NFL for eight years and has played with four teams including the Chargers, Colts and the Super Bowl LII champions, the Philadelphia Eagles.
  3. The cornerback tied a career-high four interceptions and led the team with 18 passes defensed in the regular-season for the Eagles. Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 
  4. According to Pro Football Focus, Robinson allowed ju Blue Jays Jersey Red st 54.5 percent of passes thrown his way to be caught when guarding the slot, the second-best mark in the league, narrowly trailing Denver’s Chris Harris (54.0 percent).
  5. Robinson played in all 16 regular-season games for the Eagles and had a game-changing pick-six in the NFC championship game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Saints Mock Draft Monday pres Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey Red ented by Dixie Light

Taking a look a Toronto Blue Jays Red Jersey t some of the mock drafts floa Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey tin Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey g aroun Women’s Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Pillar Majestic Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red Flex Base Authentic Jersey d t Blue Jays Jersey Red he Internet

John DeShazier Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey Red : Patrick Robinson returns to Saints a different player, person

Robinson: ‘I had to find myself as far as my mental strength’

It’s not just that Patrick Robinson looks different and sounds different.

He is different.

That’s what experience (he’s 30 and an eight-year veteran), stru Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey ggle and triumph will do to a man. And for Robinson, who was the New Orleans Saints’ first-round draft pick (No. 32 overall) in 2010, and spent his first five NFL seasons with the franchise, it’s a better different.

It’s a more confident different, the kind of different that helped  Youth Toronto Blue Jays Josh Donaldson Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red FlexBase Authentic Jersey make him a Super Bowl champion with Philadelphia and a signature free agent addition for New Orleans after three seasons away.

“When I left, I think I had to find myself as far as my mental strength,” said Robinson, who signed a four-year deal to return to rejoin the Saints. “My first stint here, I was not mentally strong enough to play at a high level. That’s just me being brutally honest with myself.

“I went to San Diego (in 2015), and I had a lot of success there (an interception, eight passes defensed, a forced fumble and 49 tackles in 16 games). But when I went to Indy (in ’16), I was kind of injured (seven games, five passes defensed and a forced fumble) and then my confidence went down. And that’s kind of like, for a player that’s been in the league for five or six years, going to Indy, I had to try to deal with that type of stuff. I think now, I’ve been through so much, it’s definitely helped me.”

Part of the rebuild was last season, when Robinson earned a reputation as one of the best slot cornerbacks in the league with the Eagles. He started eight of 16 regular-season games, tied career highs with four interceptions and 18 passes defensed, and added 47 tackles. In the playoffs, he added an interception that he returned for a touchdown against the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game.

 Women’s Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Pillar Majestic Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red Flex Base Authentic Jersey “I definitely had to get away and try to build my mental strength,” he said. “But my journey has definitely taught me a lot and I think I’m a lot more equipped to play at a high level here again. I’m extremely excited.”

There are several reasons for the excitement.

Among them, Robinson said he was eager to get back to New Orleans, and he had a lot of help in making the decision.

“From a business side, it made more sense,” he said. “And besides the business, my wife was kind of speaking all of this into existence. She’s been talking about New Orleans the last couple of months for some reason. They called and it was kind of like, ‘OK, we might be going back home.’ She kind of helped make the decision.

“She’s from Miami but she’s got a lot of friends, which we consider family now. She was very excited about it. She’s the wifey. Happy wife, happy life.”

Second, Robinson is joining a talented secondary that includes two young cornerbacks. Marshon Lattimore was NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, and second-year player Ken Crawley didn’t play the first two games, then started every game thereafter to give the Saints one of the league’s best tandems.

“I saw these guys on TV a lot,” Robinson said. “These young guys are hungry, flying around, making plays. The same way – when I was in Philly, we did the same thing, we just flew around, made plays, did our jobs and that’s exactly what I see here.

“I’m very familiar with (the defensive scheme). So when I come in, it’s not going to be a huge learning curve for me to learn a whole new playbook. A lot of these things that (defensive coordinator Dennis Allen) has in his playbook, I’ve already run for two years. So it’s definitely going to be a little easier as far as the playbook, coming in and trying to adjust to something different.”

Robinson will add championship-caliber experience to a Saints team that was one play short of advancing to the NFC Championship Game.

“It’s kind of simple, in my opinion,” he said. “I think if you work hard and just really focus on doing your job, you really have a chance to get a ring. It’s a lot easier said than done, but I think if you r Toronto Blue Jays Red Jersey eally work at those qualities of being accountable, working hard, studying like you’re supposed to, taking care of your body, staying in the weight room – things that the coaches ask you to do – that will always give you a chance.”

It’s a chance he wants to take with the Saints, the team that drafted him out of Florida State the year after it won the Super Bowl. And it’s a chance he gets to take with the coach, Sean Payton, who drafted him.

“It felt good to hear Sean’s voice again,” Robinson said. “Me knowing what type of coach he is definitely helped with decision, knowing that he runs his ship a certain way and I definitely like  Blue Jays Jersey Red the way he coaches and runs his team. That played a big part in it.”

John DeShazier: Linebacker Demario Davis joined Saints to chas Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey Red e greatness

Davis: ‘I just want to come in and play my role as best I can’

Do not, for one second, doubt that Demario Davis doesn’t have his priorities in order.

The six-year veteran, who was born in Collins, Miss., and who signed a three-year contract with the New Orleans Saints on Monday, knew what he was looking for as a free agent linebacker coming off the best year (135 tackles, five sacks and three passes defensed) of his career.

“No. 1, to be playing in my back yard,” Davis said. “I’m from Mississippi, just a couple of hours away, to be back close to my family after being on the other side of the country (first four seasons with the Jets, then a year in Cleveland, then another year with the Jets).

“No. 2, having the chance to play for a championship-contending team. Last year, the Saints were right there. And I just want to be a part of that – looked like the culture was right, the team was right, everything was clicking. I just want to be a part of that culture.

“And then, third, Drew Brees. Point blank, period. He’s one of the most decorated quarterbacks to ever play this game. Probably, three guys, at most, that are o Blue Jays Jersey Red n his level in this league. To have a guy on that side of the ball who can pretty much dictate games by himself is rare. Guys like myself, we appreciate that. At this point in his legacy, it’s about championships and I just want to come in and be one of those guys that can help him get those.”

That’s not just talk. Davis, in fact, doubled down on the message, because he Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey  believes he understands how important it is to have a franchise quarterback. And he believes he knows the direction in which the Saints are trending.

“Cham Toronto Blue Jays Red Jersey pionships. When you have a quarterback as great as Drew Brees – I mean, he has every other accolade,” Davis said. “He’s won a championship. At this point, it’s about him stacking those championships.

“I think the job of anybody on this team, our role is to make sure we get across that finish line as a team while you have somebody that great at that position. That’s a rare thing. It’s a very rare thing, and it’s important for everybody to understand that. So I just want to come in and play my role as best I can, as part of a greater picture. I just want to do my part.”

That role wou Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey ld be to help upgrade a defense that made dramatic improvement from 2016 to ’17, one that added play-makers and increased its play-making numbers, from sacks to interceptions to turnovers forced.

Davis said he relishes the role of quarterback disrupter, but also possesses the versatility to cover backs on passing downs.

“I’ve always been a guy who tries to be the same man on the field and off the field,” he said. “To my teammates in the locker room, to my coaches, to the fans, I’ve always just tried to be the same guy.

“My work ethic, I think, speaks for itself. I’ve just always prided myself to be the first guy in and the last guy to leave. I’m chasing greatness, individually and collectively. I won’t stop until I get there and this team teams seems like that’s what it’s chasing as well, so that’s why I’m just happy to be a part of the atmosphere.

“This defense plays with a lot of energy. The front has been unbelievable, some very great athletes on the back end, guys that can fly around and make plays, ball is not going over the top of their heads, linebackers have played tremendously. It’s a good group, and a lot of energy, a lot o Women’s Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Pillar Majestic Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red Flex Base Authentic Jersey f swagger. I’m just ready to be a part of it and join in and do my part.”

Quotes from Patrick Robinson’s conference ca Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey Red ll on Monday, March 19

Cornerback Patrick Robinson spoke with the New Orleans media on Monday, March 19 about his return to the team

New Orleans Saints CB Patrick Robinson
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, March 19, 2018

How does it feel now? Is it weird coming back to the Saints after being away for three years?
“To be honest, not really. I just see it as me coming back home and having Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey  that opportunity to win a ring. That’s how I’m trying to look at it to be honest.”

Does the fact that you experienced winning a Super Bowl with Philadelphia help you now?
“It definitely helps a lot because I know e Toronto Blue Jays Red Jersey xactly what it takes to win a ring. I am going to try to do the same things that I did last year to help these guys win a ring and that is why I came here because I always knew that these guys had a chance to win a ring, especially from last year. That kind of helped the decision for me coming back to New Orleans.”

What’s been the biggest difference for you the last few years? You were solid when you were here but people kind of regard you as one of the top slot corners in the league now. Why do you think you’ve read them the way you have?
“Well to be honest, not doing too much thinking. When I was on the field (for the Saints previously), I was doing a lot of thinking, a lot of what ifs and stuff like that. Instead, now I am just playing football and not thinking about anything
else, but just playi Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey ng football. That is the biggest difference.”

How strange is it coming back and seeing all the turnover on defense? I think Cam (Jordan) is the only one left that was here when you were last here.
“It’s kind of weird. When I was first here, I was one of the young guys and now I’m back as one of the vets and that’s kind of weird for me. Then with seeing Cam still around that’s a face that I’m happy to see, instead of coming back with all new players and me not knowing anyone.

How did the free agency go for you? Did the Saints just call? Were you already thinking about the possibility of coming back here? What went down that led you to sign here?
“The Saints came in and to be honest, they made more sense as far as the business side. Being here in New Orleans, my wife loves it and my kids love it, so that kind of helped the decision also.”

Football-wise, what about that defense made it attractive that led you to come play on it?
“They had a lot of success. They have a lot of young guys that are hungry and making a lot of plays. I decided to come here, I just knew what I was going to get myself into. These guys are young, doing their jobs and playing hard, making plays and winning games.”

It seemed like a change of scenery did you really good, getting out of New Orleans and starting fresh somewhere really helped your career. Did that make it hard to think about coming back here where you did experience highs and lows? Or did you feel like you had unfinished business here?
“Really that did make it a little hard to come back, me leaving then getting the success I was looking for, did make it a little harder to come back. But I figured since I know exactly what it takes, then it shouldn’t be a problem coming back and doing the same thing I’ve been doing the last couple of years.” 

What’s your relationship with Dennis Allen? I think you guys had one year together while you were here but obviously he’s still running the defense now.
“Yes, it’s been a long time since he coached me. When I was a rookie, we had a good relationship and we still do. I mean it’s going to be extremely fun just to see him as a defensive coordinator, kind of weird to be honest.”

How good of a group do you think you guys can be, you Marshon (Lattimore) and (Ken) Crawley?
“I think he sky’s the limit with these young guys. This last season they’ve shown they can play at a high level the whole season for the most Women’s Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Pillar Majestic Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red Flex Base Authentic Jersey  part. That is just something that I wanted to be a part of, especially so late in my career. I definitely want to be a part of a group that’s hungry, with good character and at the same time we are winning games.”

You mentioned coming back as an older guy now and more mature and more confident about your skillset and what you can do. Can you pinpoint when that transition sort of happened for you? Was it in San Diego, maybe even in Philadelphia?
“I think I’d say definitely in San Diego. I think it was a quick turnaround in San Diego. It definitely started from there though.”

And was the mental stuff the most important or was it recognizing how effective you could be as a slot corner and making that your role, just as big?
“Really just the mental stuff.

Over the past couple of years it seems like the Saints keep adding guys with a lot of speed. Obviously corner speed’s one of those top things, why do you think that’s an attribute that helps you in your game?
“We have a lot of fast receivers, a lot of quick receivers. Then the rules of the game, really favors the receivers, so speed’s a huge attribute for me to have and it’s well-needed. That’s been huge for me.” 

I just want to go back to the Saints’ pursuit, before you agreed to the deal, did Sean Payton call you at all, I don’t know if that would have been part of the process.
“No, he didn’t call before we did the deal. No he didn’t.”

How many other teams had you heard from before you agreed to the Saints?
“I think I was talking to three other teams. But the Saints just made way more sense than what anybody else was talking about.”

Was there anything from the Eagles that might’ve been some desire for you to go back and try to win back to back?
“Yes, these past two weeks have been hard because I just won a Super Bowl with these guys to be honest. But it just made more sense for me to come here.”

Saints Mo Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey Red rning Break for Sunday, March 18

Taki Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey ng a Blue Jays Jersey Red  look at Internet cove Women’s Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Pillar Majestic Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red Flex Base Authentic Jersey rage of the Saint Toronto Blue Jays Red Jersey s  Youth Toronto Blue Jays Josh Donaldson Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red FlexBase Authentic Jersey and the NFL

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Saints Morning Break for Saturday, March  Custom Rays Jersey 17

Taking a look at Inter Men’s Authentic Personalized Tampa Bay Rayss Home White MLB Jersey Sale net coverage of the Sa Custom Rays Jersey ints and the NFL

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Saints players react to Custom Rays Jersey  the passing of Saints owner Tom Benson

Teammates shared their memories and sent condolences to the Benson family

Sean Payton

Drew Brees

I will forever be indebted to Mr. Tom Benson for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to be a member of the Saints organization and the New Orleans community. I will miss his presence, leadership, and grandfatherly advice. We know you will continue to watch over us all with that umbrella in your hand.

A post shared by Drew Brees (@drewbrees) on

Cameron Jordan

Mark Ingram

Zach Strief

Michael Thomas

My deepest condolences to Mrs. Benson and the entire Benson family. From the day I was drafted, Mr. Benson made my family and I feel right at home. A man that gave much more than he ever took, and is the reason the black and gold calls New Orleans home. May you Rest In Glory, for your memory will last into eternity.  #WhoDat

A post shared by Michael Thomas (@cantguardmike) on

Brandon Coleman

Alex Anzalone

Ken Crawley

Terron Armstead

Nathan Stupar

Craig Robertson

Thomas Morstead

David Onyemata

Yesterday we lost a great one. Rest In Peace Mr.Benson

A post shared by David Onyemata (@aces_e) on

AJ Klein

Rest In Peace Mr. Benson #ForeverASaint

A post shared by AJ Klein (@ajklein47) on

Reggie Bush

Darren Sproles

Deuce McAllister

Donté Stallworth

Steve Gleason

Steve, Michel and all of Team Gleason wish to express our sadness over the loss of Tom Benson. Mr. Benson will always be remembered, not only for breathing new life into the New Orleans Saints, owning  Men’s Authentic Personalized Tampa Bay Rayss Home White MLB Jersey Sale the New Orleans Pelicans, and his long history as one of the nation’s most successful business people, but also for his extraordinary philanthropic efforts throughout the region. From all of us at Team Gleason, we send our condolences to Gayle Benson, Mr. Bensons’s family, friends, and his and our colleagues at the New Orleans Saints – past and present. Mr. Benson was one of a kind, a true representative of New Orleans and he will be deeply missed.

A post shared by Team Gleason (@teamgleason) on

Arrangements for Tom Benson visitation  Custom Rays Jersey and funeral mass

Fu neral mass will be noon Friday, March 23

A p Custom Tampa Bay Rays Jersey ublic visitation will take place at:

Notre Dame Seminary

2901 S. Carrollton Ave.

New Orleans, La 70118

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 from 10 a.m. CT – 7 p.m. CT

Thursday, March 22, 2018 from 8 a.m. CT – 1 p.m. CT

A private funeral will take place at:

St. Louis Cathedral

615 Pere Antoine Alley

New Orleans, La 70116

Friday, March 23, 2018 from noon–1 pm CT

Due to space restrictions, the funeral mass will be for invited guests. The mass will be broadcast live on WLAE-TV from noon–1 p.m. CT. In lieu of flowers, d Custom Rays Jersey onations to the Ochsner Clinic Foundation, Notre Dame Seminary or St. Louis Cathedral are preferred.

Media are allowed  Personalized Tampa Bay Rays Jersey to attend the public visitation with proper discretion requested. Media will be allowed to shoot video of the funeral mass within the St. Louis Cathedral. A detailed media policy will follow directly to media members from the New Orleans Saints Communications Office.

Saints Morning Break for Friday, Marc Custom Rays Jersey h 16

Taking a look at Internet coverage of the Saint Men’s Authentic Custom Tampa Bay Rays Alternate Navy Blue Baseball Jersey s and the NFL

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