Quotes from Drew Brees’ media availability -Houston Astros Custom Jersey Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017

Drew Brees spoke to the media following Tuesday’s practice.

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


After looking at the tape did you see some plays that could have been better?

“A couple here and there. It’s always interesting how it changes the Houston Astros Custom Jersey complexion of maybe your opinion of the game and I think we walked away from it thinking there was a lot more to be had out there and we missed some opportunities. That first drive I felt like we should have been down on the 25-yard line, unfortunately they brought us back to where we were midfield and we did not convert that first third down. We felt like we should have put points on the board there. We got points on the second drive and I think we had a big play opportunity on the third drive that we just ended up not calling (and) that was really on me I should have went to something different that would have been a big play opportunity. Custom Orioles Jersey There’ s really two plays right there that should have resulted in three scoring drives on the first two drives, which we would have felt good about that, but instead we walked away with one scoring drive within the first three which I didn’t feel was good enough.”

What was your assessment of Adrian Peterson’s play?

“I talked to him after we both came out and he said man it’s good to back in there and get those live reps, it’s been a while for him since early last year and it feels good (for him) just get those first hits and run into some people. I think for him it was good.”

What did you tell Adrian Peterson after the draw play?

“I just said be patient. For me I get a different view point at times compared to the ball carrier or the guy running the route or what have you, so I’m just assessing what’s happening and the timing of it and just how things should be setup and how they should look. I’m always there to try and give little bits and pieces to guys, hey be more patient on this or hey slow down a little bit, hey get a little wider on this or here’s what I’m seeing. It’s just constant communication.”

Do you think you guys are ready to break through this year?

“Yeah I do. I hope so. We have to start fast. I know this, you focus on the process and the results take care of itself. I feel like this has been one of the better offseasons and training camps we’ve had, just in regards to the work we’ve done and the recovery that has taken place. I don’t feel like guys are worn down. I feel like we had a good amount of time for teaching and then repetition and then recovery. Which I always think it’s a challenge to find that balance. We’ve done a good job of finding that out.”

Do you think the team has better players?

“Yeah I do and I think we are playing with more confidence right now.”

Having gone through the rebuilding of Katrina after coming here as a free agent what’s it like seeing the devastation in Houston?

“It’s terrible, again it’s knowing what we went through here and you’ve seen bits and pieces on tv and you hear about it and you have no idea what it’s like until your right there in the middle of it. Man it looks awful, complete devastation in so many areas. You just feel helpless because there is literally nothing you can do to stop it. So many people evacuate and you just sit back and wonder what kind of destruction there is going to be when you come back and then the whole rebuilding process for so many people.”

How was the new turf in the Superdome this year?

“We get new turf every year and it starts off soft and then over time it begins to settle in once those rubber pellets get rolled enough times that it begins to harden a little bit.”

How do you view the first few games of this season, can you make a statement or is it frustration with the schedulers?

“Never frustration because you can only worry about the things you control right, so we sign AP (Adrian Peterson) and we get Monday Night Football to open the season in Minnesota, there you go that’s the way it works. Hopefully he goes off has a big night, (and) we all have a big night and we win the game and come back and worry about the next one.”

Is there a risk in being too pumped up to play against your former team?

“Knowing AP (Adrian Peterson) I think his motor and his mindset is always one way and that’s full go, straight ahead like a freight train. Again, I know he’ll be ready to play and hope he has a big night and we all have a big night and come away with a big win.”

Do you expect him (Adrian Peterson) to get a touchdown?

“Everybody will be ready for their opportunities and listen everyone’s going to have to contribute. We are all going to have to play very well to beat that team.”

How do you see Mark Ingram and Adrian Peterson getting along?

“I think those are both prideful guys and I also think they are both real professionals and I think they both really want to win. Are there going to be the moments where they are both chomping at the bit and yet only one guy can get the carries on that given play? Yeah I’m sure, but I think it will also bring out the best in them when their opportunities come.”

What did you think of the running game Saturday?

“I think we’d all look at it and say there were opportunities to get more and to be better, but listen you have to give them credit too. They are (Houston) a good run stopping front, big strong, two-gap type guys, so we knew that when you play a team like that you’re going to have to be happy Custom Angels Jersey with the two, three, four-yard gains. Knowing that maybe you pop one at some point. We run the reverse on the first play and get Bart Starr Jersey a huge play. We work on other mechanisms to create some big play opportunities, but listen you are going to face those teams throughout the season where they’re going to stop the run. That’s what they hang their hat on and so you just have to have the mindset to get the two-yards, three-yards, four-yards knowing that third and short is much better than third and long.”

What was your reaction to Matthew Stafford’s contract?

“I just saw it before I went to bed. The guy’s played great. Last year was as impressive a run as a quarterbacks had, in regards to finding ways to win games and that whole team won a ton of games at the end of the year and got themselves in the playoffs after being pretty banged up along the way and so he was the next guy up and he got a huge contract.”

Have you thought about how this affects your contract talks and don’t you have the same agent, could this affect your contract situation?

“Not even thinking about it. Yes, we have the same agent. No, I just sent him a text that just said wow. That was it. Every circumstance is different. You guys know my stance on this. We have talked about this the last couple months. I’m focused on football.”

Do you see any similarities between all the NFC South teams?

“I really haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to what’s happening outside of us and who we’ve got coming up honestly, but we know that every team in our division is going to be somebody and they are all contenders.”

Is it any different for you with the new late one cut preseason rule?

“No, we just take it as it comes. I mean you manage practice a little bit differently when you have 90 guys, versus 75 guys, versus 53 and practice Ray Nitschke Jersey squad. We’ll do that accordingly.”

John DeShazier: Custom Angels Jersey Rookie Arthur Maulet likes the pressure of trying to make Saints roster

Thursday vs. Ravens an important game for Bonnabel product

After making a noticeable initial splash, Arthur Maulet needs his last impression in preseason to be his lasting one.

The undrafted rookie cornerback, and New Orleans native, could be among the Custom Angels Jersey eight or nine players to whom Saints Coach Sean Payton referred as bubble players entering Thursday’s preseason finale against the Ravens in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.Men’s Authentic Personalized Houston Astros Flex Base Alternate Orange Jersey.

And since Maulet hasn’t been available for the entirety of training camp, missing some practice time and the preseason opener against Cleveland because of an injury, he has had less time to show his value in competition against opposing teams than has many of his teammates.

“Losing that time is very valuable for me because I was an undrafted free agent,” Maulet said. “Me being on the field is big, and being available is big in the NFL. It set me back a little bit but it’s a big game for me, and I’m ready to play.”

“He missed some time early on but overall, fairly positive,” Payton said of impression of Maulet. “He’s got something to him – I like the stature, his build (5 feet 10, 190 pounds). He’s learning a lot.

“I think his natural position is inside as a nickel (cornerback). He’ll get a lot of work again this game Custom Orioles Jersey Thursday night.”

Maulet understands that, and is ready for the challenge. He drew high praise early on with aggressive coverage and ball skills.

“I like the pressure,” he said. “That’s how I grew up, coming from here – the tough Bart Starr Jersey mentality. I like the pressure and Houston Astros Custom Jersey I’m going to work hard and show them that I can make this team.”Men’s Authentic Custom Houston Astros Home White Flex Base Jersey.

An express route to the roster could be an eye-catching performance on special teams. Payton said there Custom Astros Jersey may be a few spots reserved specifically for players who excel in that phase.

“I’m waiting for a player just to make it in the kicking game,” he said. “Every year I’ve been in this league, I’ve seen a guy return a punt for a touchdown, or block a punt, or just really jump out at you. So, we’re looking for that. Hopefully you see it. The more opportunities they have, the more chances you have of maybe getting your decision right.

“Courtney Roby (a Saint from 2008-12) was an exceptional special team player, and he went to the wide receiver meeting room and he played some receiver. But we absolutely have (had a player on the roster primarily as a special teamer).”

Maulet said if that’s what it takes, then that’s what he’s willing to do.

“Special teams, nickel, wherever they want me to be,” he said. “I’m just going to play my butt off and just run to the ball.

“Hopefully every one (of the special team units) – gunner, punt return, jammer, kickoff, kickoff return. Wherever they need me, that’s where I want to be. On the field, that’s my favorite.”Youth Authentic Custom Baltimore Orioles Alternate Baseball Jersey Orange.

It’s a position that Maulet hasn’t lately had to occupy, but the Saints’ depth at cornerback has him looking to make an impact wherever possible.

“My goal is to make the 53-man roster, get on special teams and affect the games,” he said.

A golden opportunity to do so will present itself Thursday night, a game in which the film closely will be evaluated.

“It’s the No. 1 thing that we’re thinking about right now each night,” Payton said. “It’s not as much scheme, it’s making the right decisions and making sure that you’re getting enough of these opportunities to evaluate them and hopefully, those can become more clear when it comes to the final cut down.”

John DeShazier:Custom Bills Jersey Saints hope Jon Dorenbos will solidify long snapper spot

Veteran from Eagles has second career as magician


By acquiring a magician, the New Orleans Saints hope to make their long-snapping concerns disappear.Mens 1960 1994 Buffalo Bills 35th Anniversary Jim Kelly Mitchell and Ness Royal Blue Throwback Jersey.

It’s an obvious (and corny) pun, but finding a long snapper has been a Custom Bills Jersey dilemma for the Saints this offseason.

The team has gone through several since last season ended – the partial list includes Thomas Gafford, Chase Dominguez and last season’s long snapper, Justin Drescher – before New Orleans on Monday night made a trade with the Eagles to acquire Jon Dorenbos, who has Buffalo Bills a parallel career as a magician.

Dorenbos was a finalist on season 11 of the television show “America’s Got Talent,” performing his magic acts. He finished in third place for the Custom Bengals Jersey season.

The 37-year-old is a two-time Pro Bowler who is entering his 15th season, and played his last 10 seasons in Philadelphia. In order to make room for Dorenbos, tight end John Phillips was placed on the reserve/injured list and the Saints terminated the contract of defensive end Jason Jones.Men’s Nike New York Giants Customized Elite Red Alternate Football Jersey for Sale.

Dorenbos is available to play Thursday night in the preseason finale against Baltimore in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Drescher remained on the roster as of Tuesday.

Coach Sean Payton said he hoped that the acquisition of Dorenbos will solidify the position.

“Yes. Yes. You’re paying attention to the teams with two (long snappers), not just the teams with two, the teams that truly have two that are in a competition,” Payton said. “There is a little sense of urgency when a couple other teams (lose a long snapper). Chicago, for instance, lost a long snapper. This was something we’d discussed for a little bit and kind of came to fruition (Monday).”Men’s Nike Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt.

Payton said Dorenbos’ resume made the move a logical one.

“His consistency,” Payton said. “He’s a veteran player, there’s a presence about him. He’s done it over a long Personalized NY Giants Jersey period of time now. He went through Customized NY Giants Jersey an injury a year ago but he’s healthy now. I think his experience, that’ll be important, especially for a young kicker (Wil Lutz).

“It’s a little bit more subjective when you’re able to look specifically at time, location of his snaps for punt, for field goal. (It) may be a little bit easier to evaluate than some others that are not as clean. So for us, it was really paying attention to the numbers and his experience. Those things all factored in.”


Five things to know about the New Custom Bills Jersey Orleans Saints on Monday, Aug. 28

The Saints get back to work today after their 13-0 Preseason win over the Texans.


1. The team returns to practice today as the preseason wraps up Thursday Custom Bills Jersey night vs. the Baltimore Ravens at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

2. Start your day with all the Saints related news around the web presented by Community Coffee. Take a look at the internet coverage of the Saints and the NFL.Mens 1960 1994 Buffalo Bills 35th Anniversary Jim Kelly Mitchell and Ness Royal Blue Throwback Jersey.

3. Check out behind the scenes photos of Saintsations media day on August 27,Customized NY Giants Jersey 2017. View the Saintsations photo gallery.

4. Video of Drew Brees on the field after the Saints Personalized NY Giants Jersey win vs the Texans on Saturday. Custom Bengals Jersey Watch Drew Brees after Saturday’s win.Men’s Nike New York Giants Customized Elite Red Alternate Football Jersey for Sale.

5. Hear all the scoring drives from WWL Radio’s Jim Henderson from the Saints Preseason Week 3 game against the Texans. Listen to the Calls of the Game.
Men’s Nike Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt.


Five things to know about the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, Aug. 27

Team is off Sunday


1. The team is off Sunday, Aug. 27 Cincinnati Bengals. The players will return to practice Monday as the preseason wraps up Thursday night vs. the Baltimore Ravens at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Custom Bengals Jersey.

2. Watch John DeShazier and Sean Kelley break down Saturday’s 13-0 win over the Houston Texans.Mens 1960 1994 Buffalo Bills 35th Anniversary Jim Kelly Mitchell and Ness Royal Blue Throwback Jersey.

3. Running back Adrian Peterson got his first touches as a member of the Saints on Saturday. Read comments from Peterson and other Saints players.
Men’s Nike New York Giants Customized Elite Red Alternate Football Jersey for Sale.

4. Take Buffalo Bills a 360-degree look at Drew Brees leading the time in a pregame Custom Bills Jersey huddle. This video is presented by Cox Communications.

5. Watch what Coach Sean Payton had to say about the performance.

Personalized NY Giants Jersey


Saints Coach Sean Payton announces Custom Bills Jersey roster moves during Monday, Aug. 28 press conference

TE Clay Harbor went to reserve/injured, team signed LB Audie Cole


New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

2017 Training Camp Presented By Verizon

Monday, August 28, 2017

Opening Statement

“One roster move, Clay Harbor went to reserve/injured and we signed LB Audie Cole. We’re still at that number (91, including Alex Jenkins) right now.”

What is it about Audie Cole that you wanted to bring him in?

“He’s someone that’s been in the league and at NC State and we’re Custom Bills Jersey constantly paying attention to guys that can help us in the kicking game. So we will have a short time to see that. We only have three days and a game on Thursday.”

We just talked to Thomas (Morstead) and Chris (Banjo), any others that may have been affected by the hurricane?

“Good question. I don’t know offhand. There’s always that second layer for everyone, including us. I know that Mr. Benson and the Saints, we’ve reached out. We’ll do whatever we can to help them. I don’t know directly, specifically if players have had to possibly (ask) to go back. I haven’t been approached by anyone. Our thoughts go out to the city there and in that whole region because I know they’ve got a ton of flooding.”

You’ve changed plans twice and have had to evacuate, have you learned anything about the best way to handle?

“Honestly, I was asked this question last night, I think when we went to Indianapolis I think it was the week prior to the season. I believe we opened at home versus Tampa Bay and the facility was available there. We quickly got into routine. I think the larger challenge is not necessarily your own immediate circle or team, it’s their family and all the things that go along with that, whether you’re renting a property or you own a place that has damage. I think they had about a day. We gave the players a 24-hour period that kind of worked to get everything else settled and we flew to Indianapolis. Cincy I think we just moved up schedule wise and went earlier. But in each case I think it’s easier to handle, I mean this group can travel and we can quickly get operational as long as there is a place to practice and meet, it’s the extended families that become more challenging.”

With the way the league has evolved does having more outside linebackers benefit the defense?

“I think it is a game that is being played more and more in space because of Buffalo Bills the passing game. So I would say yes, I think a lot of it depends on the scheme you’re looking for. What you’re playing, how much man you’re playing versus zone. Everyone’s got a prototype of what they’re specifically wanting from the Mike or from the weakside linebacker, but it depends on what you’re doing defensively. But we are seeing a lot more open sets if you will, which requires guys to play more in space.”

Is that something you keyed in on? Has it gotten faster at that position?

“I don’t know that in 2016. I think that it is something that has progressed over a period of time. But again, it would be really defined by the position, specific. What’s the vision for them, if he’s a Sam then what are we getting from the younger players, in regards to the kicking game. I think that’s real important too.”Mens 1960 1994 Buffalo Bills 35th Anniversary Jim Kelly Mitchell and Ness Royal Blue Throwback Jersey.

A couple of weeks before the start of the regular season. How’s the search for the doctors going?

“I think we’ll announce something, but good. I’m sure at some point Mickey (Loomis) and the club will announce who we’ll be working with.”Men’s Nike New York Giants Customized Elite Red Alternate Football Jersey for Sale.

Do you think things like getting 16 sacks will manifest into the regular season?

“I hope so. We always use that term confidence. It comes from demonstrated ability. It comes from doing something correctly and effectively. Hopefully, we can build on that and we can clean up the things that we feel like we are not doing as well. We spend a lot of time of what we are wanting to do defensively. Each week is another challenge. Once you get started Custom Bengals Jersey in the regular season of course all of it counts. But hopefully we can build on it.”

Does the fact that the first team offense did not get into the end zone, does that factor into how you might use Drew (for this game) or any of the other starters?

“I think it is difficult. We had a set amount of plays we were going to play Customized NY Giants Jersey last week. I think we did a great job of really achieving our goals with regards to playing time. Obviously we would have liked to have scored. But I don’t know if that will impact what we do here in this week Four.”Men’s Nike Personalized Cincinnati Bengals Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt.

Have you made any decisions (on playing the veterans in week four)?

“Not yet.”

The benefits of 90-53 in this game, in other words having 90 players on the roster prior to cutting down to 53 on Saturday?

“This will be the first year we are operating at 90 instead of 75. I think the additional 15 players, whether it is in your kicking game or your offense and defense, I think there is a benefit. I think the challenge to some degree at 75, you have to play guys. I think when you have more guys it gives you a little bit more flexibility.”

With the new roster cut deadline, does it make it a little bit harder to evaluate maybe the rest of league?

“Yes, because you don’t get a segmented wire. You get one. You’ll get it Friday and maybe Saturday. I bet there’s a good chance we won’t be at 90 come Thursday. We will be down in the 80s. But it is different with regards to prior (years) you had that week to look at the first 15 players released from each team. That won’t happen this year, it’ll be a little different.”

If you don’t keep three quarterbacks on the active roster, would you definitely want one on the practice squad?

“I think we’ve always had that. If we haven’t had three we’ve had three and one. I think most teams (do). We did this, the equation of three versus two. I think almost every team last year had three in the building. It’s just a question of whether the other one was on the roster.”

Has Garrett Grayson shown growth and development here overall?

“I think so. I think we’ve seen progress. I would say probably more so this year than we have seen in those early two years. So yes, we’ll keep working with Cincinnati Bengals him. I’m sure he’ll get to play a bunch Thursday.”

Did the Texans ask Customized NY Giants Jersey you for any advice on your experiences dealing with the hurricane while they were here?

“No, I think during Friday’s practice we mentioned to them that our facilities are available and the (Mercedes-Benz Superdome) Dome is open. I think they were already in the midst of planning to go to Dallas. I know they practiced there today. They will probably pay close attention to what they’ll do for the game. I think there’s a handful of games that were supposed to be played in Houston. You guys would probably know before me if anything has changed or altered yet. They were quickly on top of it and I think they appreciated the help or offer.”

Going into the final preseason game, do you have a pretty good mental fix on how many roster spots there might be available and have you been able to convey to these guys that there are still jobs to be had?

“Yes, we’ve probably done five different scenarios, above and below the line. We went earlier in training camp. We’re a little bit more looking forward, that’s why we’re playing these games and practicing. We’re getting a chance to look and I bet there are eight or nine double(-digit) players, guys that we’re discussing a lot of. You can pencil, like most teams would be able to, a certain number and then still look this week and this game to make final decisions. You talk about it all the time. It’s not just in-house competition, it’s competition taking place with other people at their position on other rosters.”

Is it a coincidence that you signed three or four veteran experienced core special team players? Or are you looking for a void to fill there?

“No, we think that that’s going to be important. Now how many can you keep, that will be a better question. We are going to be in some close tough games, and that’s an area that we have to be better at.”

Saints announce schedule for final 2017 Training Custom Browns Jersey Camp presented by Verizon practice on August 24

Practice will feature joint workout with the Houston Texans.


New Orleans Saints 2017 Training Camp Presented by Verizon will end on Thursday, August 24 at the Ochsner Sports Performance Center in Metairie with Custom Browns Jersey a joint workout with the Houston Texans scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. The practice is open to the public, however, all of the free tickets for the practice have been distributed.

With Thursday’s practice scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m., gates will open at 8:30 with limited bleacher seating available and additional standing room along the fence line. Starting at 8:30 a.m., the Saints will host Fan Fest adjacent to the practice fields for ticketed fans. Offerings will include interactive Paul Hornung Jersey Saints and New Orleans Pelicans-themed fan experiences, concession offerings and merchandise booths offering the newest Saints Jordy Nelson Jersey gear.

Free parking for fans is available at the parking lot by the New Orleans Baby Cakes baseball stadium. Due to the Fan Fest, the entrance at the corner of Elise Drive and Airline Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic and fans will enter to park at the West entrance/Stable Drive. This includes foot traffic as well. Fans will Cleveland Browns only be able to access entry into Saints Training Camp via entry from the New Orleans Baby Cakes parking lots (Lots C, D and E). Signage will be prevalent but fans attempting to gain entry by crossing Airline Drive and Elise will be redirected to the Custom Bears Jersey West Entrance/Stable Drive, including foot traffic as well.

John DeShazier: Saints send warm thoughts to Custom Bears Jersey people of Houston

Payton: ‘We’ll do whatever we can to help them’


Home or away, noon or prime time, east coast to west coast and all points in between, Thomas Morstead’s parents – John and Isobel Morstead – are in Custom Bears Jersey attendance at Thomas’ games. It’s a ritual that began when Morstead played at Southern Methodist and has continued to this day, as he enters his ninth NFL season.

Saturday, that proved to be fortuitous.

Because while John and Isobel were watching Thomas punt for the New Orleans Saints during the team’s 13-0, exhibition game victory over the Houston Men’s Nike Cleveland Browns Customized Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt Texans in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, their hometown of Houston, and several other cities in Texas, were being pummeled and drenched with the winds and rains that accompanied Hurricane Harvey.

As of Monday, Morstead’s parents still were at his home in New Orleans, watching the natural disaster continue to wreak destruction.

“Their house supposedly is fine right now, but they can’t get in the neighborhood,” Morstead said Monday after practice. “Both of the entrances are flooded out.

“It’s sad. I hate to compare anything to Katrina, but there are a lot more people in Houston. So it’s going to be a lot of – hopefully, not the life lost that happened here – but there’s just a lot more people that are going to be affected. And you really feel bad for a lot of the Katrina people that left here and went to Houston thinking, ‘I’m never going to do that again.’ And it’s happened again.

“It’s tough. Sometimes when something happens, it’s a little sect of the community Chicago Bears and everybody kind of rallies around with what they have to help out. And I think it’s going to be a little tougher because everybody is going to be affected. It’s going to be tough for a lot of people. Sounds like it’s going to get worse in the next few days.”Women’s Nike Personalized Chicago Bears Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt.

Indeed, weather forecasts predict that the rain totals will continue to rise, as images of rescue by boat – and pleas for assistance, via phone, radio, social media, etc. – continue to emerge from the battered areas.

“I know that (Saints owner) Mr. (Tom) Benson and the Saints, we’ve reached out and we’ll do whatever we can to help them,” Coach Sean Payton said. “Our thoughts go out to the city there and that whole region. I know they’ve got a ton of flooding and a lot of issues.”

The Saints and the New Orleans metro area, of course, similarly dealt with hurricane-inflicted damage in August 2005, with Hurricane Katrina.

None of the current players and coaches were with Jordy Nelson Jersey the franchise during Katrina; the franchise couldn’t play in the hurricane-damaged Superdome in 2005 and played its home games in San Antonio, Texas, and Baton Rouge.

Payton was hired in 2006. However, during his tenure, there have been a couple of storm-related evacuations for the Saints during that time.

The first was in 2008, when the Saints went to Indianapolis in order to prepare for the home opener on Sept. 7 because of Hurricane Gustav.

“The facility was available there and we quickly got into a routine,” Payton said. “I think the larger challenge (for a football team) is not necessarily your own immediate circle or team, it’s their family and all the things that go along with whether you’re renting a property or you own a place that has damage.

“I think they Cleveland Browns had about a day, a 24-hour period to kind of work to get everything else settled and we flew to Indianapolis. In each case, I think…this group can travel and quickly we can get operational and as long as there’s a place to practice and meet, it’s the extended families that become more challenging.”

Morstead said that most of his father’s side of the family is in Texas.

“We’ve got some people inside the loop that are pretty – I mean, they’ll be fine, they’re safe,” he said. “But the bottom floor, water is in the house. Pretty devastating stuff.”

Safety Kenny Vaccaro said even though he doesn’t have immediate family affected, he still is paying close attention to what’s happening.
Vintage 1961 Paul Hornung Green Bay Packers Team Color Throwback Jersey Mitchell and Ness.

“It’s real concerning,” he said. “I’m from Brownwood, Texas, we’re Custom Browns Jersey like Paul Hornung Jersey four to five hours north of Houston. I haven’t had anybody affected immediate, but we see it on TV. It’s tragic what’s going on. I know a lot of families are hurt by it, and hopefully we can figure out a way the Saints can help out.”


John DeShazier: A.J. Jordy Nelson Jersey Klein trying to bring stability to Saints linebacker corps

Saints have gone through a number of linebackers the past three seasons


It’s not for lack of trying that the New Orleans Saints haven’t been able
Jordy Nelson Jersey to pinpoint a set of linebackers that the team has felt comfortable with long enough to center a defense around.

Curtis Lofton, David Hawthorne and Parys Haralson were the primary three in 2014, which gave way to Hawthorne, Stephone Anthony and Hau’oli Kikaha as the majority starters in ’15, which shifted to Craig Robertson and Dannell Ellerbe – with a dash of James Laurinaitis and Nate Stupar sprinkled in – as the predominant duo in ’16 as the team Custom Browns Jersey leaned more to a five-man secondary.

Robertson is back this season, the Saints added Manti Te’o in free agency, drafted Alex Anzalone in the third round and still have Stupar and Michael Mauti – who also has started games in the past – to turn to if necessary.

But free Chicago Bears agent A.J. Klein likely will be as much of a won’t-come-off-the-field linebacker as the Saints will have this season. That’s the look he exhibited during his limited time in the Saints’ second preseason game, a 13-7 victory in which Klein had five tackles, a half-sack, a tackle for loss and a quarterback hurry.

“He’s brought a lot of the things that we were looking for and hopeful for, and so that’s exciting,” Coach Sean Payton said.

And at 26 years old, he’s one that the Saints are expecting to depend on for the next several consecutive seasons.

“One of the elements is being smart and trying to acquire as many guys that understand the game and can key and diagnose and solve problems,” Payton said. “The mental errors, missed assignments, those things will get you beat. It’s an area we’ve struggled with, quite honestly, in the past.”

Klein, who played his first four seasons with Carolina and started 21 of 44 games he played the last three seasons – some in relief of All-Pro middle linebacker Luke Kuechly, and some at outside linebacker – has fit the profile throughout the offseason and training camp.

“He’s Cleveland Browns a real good communicator,” Payton said. “He becomes kind of the signal caller of the defense. In base, he has gotten a lot of ‘Sam’ work and then in some of the nickel packages, he’s getting a
Paul Hornung Jersey lot of the ‘Mike’ work. He’s got versatility, it’s something he has done before.”

It could be just as likely that Klein can’t recall a time when he hasn’t been asked to showcase his versatility.Men’s Nike Cleveland Browns Customized Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirt.

At Iowa State, the three-time, All-Big 12 Conference player made 21 starts at Mike, 12 at Sam and five at Will, and had at least 110 tackles in each of three seasons as a starter.Women’s Nike Personalized Chicago Bears Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt.

“The benefit is you understand the defense more thoroughly,” Klein said of shifting from Sam to Will. “As a linebacker, you have to know what’s going on up front, you have to know what’s going on on the backside. It helps you play faster, so it’s definitely helped me.”

His group played fast and downhill against the Chargers, who were shut out offensively (the Chargers’ touchdown came courtesy of a 99-yard interception return).

Te’o had eight tackles, a sack, three tackles for loss and a fumble recovery. Robertson contributed six tackles, a sack, a tackle for loss and a quarterback hurry. Stupar chipped in a couple of tackles and a pass defended and Adam Bighill, a free agent hopeful from the CFL, had three tackles and produced the Saints’ first interception of the preseason.

“I think we prepared well, we kind of understood what they were going to throw at us,” Klein said. “We had things to fix throughout practice (the Saints held two joint practices and a walk-through with the Chargers), but we came out, we had good energy, good leadership and the entire defense showed up.Men’s Nike Green Bay Packers Jordy Nelson Color Rush Vapor Untouchable Alternate Yellow Jersey.

“I think linebackers led the initial charge, which was great, and the defensive line got after the quarterbacks as well. I think we had eight sacks. That’s great momentum to build on.”

Klein said the defense has several leaders, with him being in the group.

“I think it’s important if you’re going to be put in the middle of the defense, you have to be ready to lead,” he said. “You have to have a full understanding of the defense Custom Bears Jersey. So that was a goal of mine, to come in and not just to bark orders and be that guy, but to earn the respect of my teammates and coaches.

“Being an open communicator, being a doer and not a talker. For me, being a leader is more leading by example so I try to do my best – whether it’s on the field or off the field – to show that I’m all in and I’m ready to work for this team.”

Preseason Game 2 quotes: Paul Hornung Jersey New Orleans Saints players

Saints players spoke with media following game against Chargers

On the defense:
“DA (Dennis Allen) called a great game. Overall, we played aggressive all
Paul Hornung Jersey night. We were playing on their side of the line of scrimmage. We were controlling the line of scrimmage. The coverage was great. The front got after the quarterback and when you do that, it’s going to be hard night for any offense.”
On improving:
“Obviously, I’m in improvement mode. Every practice and every day you have to take it and it’s for game day. Everyday is important. You have to go out and compete and show what you can do. I’m hoping I can show this club how I can help win games.”
On the interception:
“It was great. My first interception in the NFL to close out the game. Everyone was hyped and it’s a great feeling to make a play and end a game.”
On the offense:
“I think we started pretty fast and toward the last couple drives of the first half we just Custom Browns Jersey didn’t get in sync. We didn’t get in a rhythm, held on to the ball too long and just weren’t able to get things going.”
On penalties:
“It’s preseason football so there’s a lot of penalties no matter whose side of the ball it is. You definitely want to eliminate those because you just put yourself in a bad situation. Third and long against that defense and that defensive coordinator is going to be tough.”
On the environment:
“It wasn’t super loud. Obviously, a stadium with 70,000 fans will be louder than one with 30,000. I thought at times it got loud. It was an intimate atmosphere, but we handled it pretty well.”
What are your thoughts on your first preseason game?
“It is way different from college. It was my first preseason game. I got the speed up a little bit, but knowing that you got a few plays. I got my rhythm a little bit. I like locking it down on the outside.”
As you watched it progress, how did you guys feel that you did defensively?
“I think we did great. From top to bottom, a lot of people made plays when they had to.”
You said it was different from college, in what way?
“You have to know more about the splits and tendencies of the team. You need to know that in college too, but it comes faster with the NFL games. I think once I get more reps at it will come smoother.”
They have you on the pitch count, how do you feel like you are doing?
“I felt well. I just needed to make a play, on the outside on Melvin Gordon. I just take that and learn from it and do my thing next week.”
On his big performance and getting to the QB tonight:
“It felt great just to be out there with my teammates and it just feels good. I don’t really know what to say but it’s just a great feeling, especially to get the win.”
On his two sacks:
“I know my coach talked to us before we went out for the two-minute situation and my mindset was just to get off the ball and just keep the quarterback in the pocket. That’s pretty much what I did and help the other guys on the defensive line. Everybody was just on the same page with the same mindset to get off the ball and get to the quarterback and try to make something great happen in the game.”
On pass rush improvement:
“It felt great just to be you know just to be here but it’s just a great feeling just to be out there just competing and playing with my teammates and stuff like that is awesome.”
On learning the NFL game:
“It really hammers in the fact that you need to have sound technique for every single play. There was a couple of times I may have gotten away from that and it showed.”
On fixing mistakes:
“I need to watch the film and practice and figure out what I did wrong and improve on that.”
On what to take away from this game:
“I think it was good to obviously get in the game and play the game and feel the speed of the NFL. Really feel what a game is like even though it’s a preseason game. It really shows how important those little fundamentals will be in crunch time or when you get tired in the game. So improving on those things and staying consistent.”
Did the Chargers change their playbook?
“You know, honestly it is a different playbook. It’s about reading keys, using instincts, and going out there and having fun.”
How much fun did you have?
“It’s always Cleveland Browns fun when you are winning. I didn’t play a perfect game, but I was very happy with how I played and how the team played. Overall, happy that we got a win. Definitely good to be back and end on that note.”
Obviously, you guys are scheming completely, do it make you feel good on what you can do potential wise?
“It is just a good Paul Hornung Jersey step in the right direction. It is a great opportunity for us to go out there and compete against a really good team to show what we are made of. I think we did that. We are going to watch the film tomorrow and see where we can get better. That’s a good thing that we can play that way and still have some things to correct. That starts looking good for our team.”
Talking about the linebacker core in general, even when you guys were subbing in and out there was no drop
“It is just a mentality. We are trying to develop a culture of excellence, a culture of being perfect. It does not hurt to try and be perfect. We understand that we are never going to be perfect. When I strive to be whenever one of our numbers are called we are going to go out there and play and we are going to compete at the highest level. We are going to go out there and show what we can do.”
Extra juice against your former other team?
“There is a little extra meaning to the game. I was really happy with myself and how I handled it. I think a young guy would come in here anxious and try and do too much. I Custom Bears Jersey think I just let the game come to me and when I had an opportunity to make a play, I made the play for my team. I didn’t step out of my comfort zone. I didn’t try and do too much. I can build from that and get better.”
On conversations with Bosa and Jones:
“Those are my guys, my brothers pretty much. I’ll always wish those guys well but ultimately the Saints came out with the victory. I always want to see those guys do well, play good football and do their job to help their team in as many ways they can.”
On playing in his hometown:
“It felt great to just be back home in front of my family. Just for them to be able to come and see me play again because I went to school Jordy Nelson Jersey at Ohio State. They came to my games at Ohio State, but not as deep as they’re able to on the West Coast. Just to be back and playing in front of the family is a blessing. There was about 30 of them here today.”