‘House of Cards’ Custom MLB Jersey Robin Wright summons Claire Underwood: equal pay, or else

“I was looking at the statistics and Claire Underwood’s character was more popular than [Frank Underwood’s] for a period of time. So I capitalized on it,”
Custom MLB Jersey  she said, according to the Huffington Post.

Social media was afire Wednesday with clever comparisons of Wright to the devious character she plays. All joking aside, however, Wright’s remarks add
Authentic Women’s Personalized Washington Nationals Home White Baseball Jersey to testimonies from actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep about the continuing gender pay gap in the film industry, which mirrors the gap in American industries in general.

Their advocacy “helps us understand that the problem of unequal pay is very real for women up and down the income scale,” Emily Martin, the National Women’s Law Center’s vice president for workplace justice, tells The Christian Science Monitor in a phone interview.

“We’re also not all Robin Wright,” she adds. “We don’t have the real bargaining power she did: ‘You will treat me fairly, or I have the power to embarrass you.'”   Men’s Authentic Customized Washington Nationals Road Gray Jersey with Commemorative 10th Anniversary Patch.

Wright’s role on the award-winning show gave her the power to demand more,
Custom Nationals Jersey the actress told Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation.

“It was a perfect paradigm,” she said during their conversation on stage. “There are very few films or TV shows where the male, the patriarch, and the matriarch are equal.” But her and Spacey’s salaries were not.

Spacey received $500,000 per episode in 2014, though TV Guide estimated that could double as the show gained popularity, according to Business Insider. Wright, who won a Golden Globe for playing Claire
Men’s Authentic Personalized Washington Nationals Alternate Jersey Red with Commemorative 10th Anniversary Patch
Underwood, received $420,000 per episode in 2015, according to the Huffington Post.

Claire’s presence on the show only strengthened this season, as the fictional First Lady revealed her deviousness, especially in her efforts to pave her own path politically.

Wright now joins a cast of women in Hollywood who have spoken out about the pay gap.

The loudest voice of late was Jennifer Lawrence, the best-paid actress in 2015. In an essay written for Lena Dunham’s “Lenny Letter” newsletter in October,
Washington Nationals Personalized Jersey Lawrence writes about learning she earned less than her male counterparts in the movie “American Hustle.” Other actresses have also brought attention to the issue, including three-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, who urged Congress in June to revive the debate around the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

In May 2015, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) appealed federal and
Youth Authentic Custom Washington Nationals Home White Jersey with Commemorative 10th Anniversary Patch state civil rights agencies to investigate allegations of a practice in the television and film industries of not hiring women directors.

These claims are not without teeth.

According to the White House, a woman earns 79 cents for every dollar a man earns, on average. A 2015 Pew Center study “has shown that as women become more prevalent in a field – even if they have equal levels of education, work experience, and skill – the pay in that field drops,” as Schuyler Velasco wrote in a Monitor article about the pay gap in US Olympic soccer.

Wright, though, acknowledged she might have earned less than Spacey for a different reason.

“Because I wasn’t working full time [when I raised my children], I wasn’t building my salary bracket. If you don’t build that … with notoriety and presence, you’re not in the game anymore. You become a B-list actor,” she said. “Now I’m kind of on a comeback at 50 years old.”

Custom NFL Jersey13 Important Questions About Criminal Justice We Can’t Answer

A few weeks ago, the White House trumpeted the progress of its Police Data Initiative. The nearly one-year-old project prods local cops to publish data on
Custom NFL Jersey their operations in a bid to increase transparency and build trust with the communities they police.

The results were underwhelming. Of nearly 18,000 police agencies from coast to coast, just 53 had signed on to the effort. Of that inaugural class,eight released data on officer-involved shootings, and six published information on their officers’ use of force.

After the deaths of Freddie Gray and Laquan McDonald and others—in an age when police in many cities are under greater scrutiny than they’ve been in decades—how is it that we know so little about how officers employ force to
Customized Patriots Women’s Jersey subdue suspects?

“How many times this week has the department used a Taser? How many times have people been hospitalized because of a beating?” said Walter Katz, the independent police auditor for the city of San Jose, Calif. “There is a complete
Men’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Away White NFL Jersey Cheap dearth of such information. To me, that type of force can have just as corrosive an effect on community relations as an officer-involved shooting.”

The open secret is that we know very little about much of how the criminal justice system operates in America. These aren’t things the government knows and won’t tell us (though there are plenty of those, too). It’s because state, local and federal governments, which ought to rely on data to inform the policies they
Men’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Sale enact, just don’t know.

In some cases, the federal government commissions criminal justice surveys that offer national estimates, often years after the fact. But the kind of granular, local,
Personized New England Patriots Jersey real-time data that powers most industries is all but absent. The number of times police use force or shoot someone in the line of duty are just the most obvious examples in our current national conversation.

Among the things we don’t know about our criminal justice system:

  • how many people have a criminal record
  • how many people have served time in prison or jail
  • how many children are on some type of supervision or probation
  • how many juvenile offenders graduate to become adult offenders
  • how often people reoffend after being released from prison
  • how many shootings there are in America
  • how many police are investigated or prosecuted for misconduct
  • how many people in America own guns
  • how often police stop pedestrians or motorists
  • how many incidents of domestic violence are reported to police
  • what percentage of those eligible for parole are granted release from prison
  • how many corrections officers are disciplined or prosecuted for abusing prisoners
  • how many criminal cases are referred to prosecutors and how they decide which to pursue

The excuses for why we don’t have better data about our police, our courts and our prisons may sound familiar to anyone who has worked in corporate America: there isn’t enough money to hire analysts; the IT department says it can’t be done; the chief is moving on to another department.

Local autonomy has not been helpful for good criminal justice data. The fraction of the country’s 18,000 police departments that do collect figures on officers’ use of force have no consistent definition of what constitutes force. Adam Gelb,
Custom NFL Jersey director of the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Public Safety Performance Project, cites similar issues in other parts of the system, like probation. There are thousands of probation agencies, but they are either run at
Women’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Away White NFL Jersey Cheap the state or local level. In one place, probation is part of the executive branch; In another, it’s part of the judiciary. The lack of consistency makes contacting all the agencies a daunting prospect, much less moving them toward timely and uniform reporting of statistics.

The Center for Policing Equity has been collecting data from police agencies on pedestrian and traffic stops as well as uses of force. The center’s co-founder Phillip Atiba Goff, a visiting scholar at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, said the National Justice Database has commitments from police departments that cover about one-third of the nation’s population. But for him, it’s not a matter of whether police are collecting data, but how they’re collecting it. Many departments, for instance, don’t collect the age of people who are on the
Youth Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Sale receiving end of police officers’ use of force, or they may omit the reason why a suspect was stopped in the first place.

“Within a particular category of data, there are huge disparities in what’s filled in,” Goff said.

Katz agreed, “There’s no consistent, uniform way of collecting data or agreement on what should be collected.”

There is one part of the Department of Justice tasked with collecting and publishing data: The Bureau of Justice Statistics. But no one argues that the bureau, which is a clearinghouse for all kinds of data on police staffing, prison rape, crime figures and more, should be doing it all by itself. Some, like Katz, believe the answer to improving what we know has to come from individual states.

“I don’t think the BJS can do it,” said John Pfaff, a professor at Fordham Law School in New York. “Every year, Congress asks them to do more and more already. I don’t think they have the capacity to do any more. They do amazing stuff, but I don’t think they can.”

When it comes to bad data, police aren’t even the worst offenders. While there is data on policing and corrections and some on the courts themselves, the biggest piece missing is information on how local prosecutors operate.

“We have really no data whatsoever on what prosecutors do, almost none,” Pfaff said, adding, “We don’t know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and what drives their decision process.”

And that ignorance has an impact on efforts to reduce incarceration levels and lower sentences. Because we don’t have data on how prosecutors work, we don’t focus on them when we talk about reforms, Pfaff said. Gelb called prosecutors “the biggest and most significant black box to be opened in the system.”

The problem with a lack of data on the criminal justice system is more than just budgetary. It’s a cultural issue that gets to the heart of why criminal justice reform is so very difficult.

“For some [police] departments there may be cultural resistance to looking too closely,” Katz said. “Police departments can be very insular, very closed off. Within the closed system they may not even perceive that this may be a best practice.”

This aversion to transparency has rubbed off on lawmakers, who may find the numbers mildly interesting, but not really necessary to guiding policy for a
Men’s Nike Customized New England Patriots Elite Throwback Red Alternate Football Jersey system that largely runs itself, according to Gelb.

“If that’s the approach and the attitude, why would you need to have real time, actionable data for policy decisions? Policy makers have not seen the need for it,” he said.

Deandre Hopkins Women’s Jersey Watch Exclusive Premiere of Yarn’s New Video ‘Love/Hate’

Fans of North Carolina-based Americana band Yarn can hardly wait for the band’s latest record, “This Is The Year,” set to be released May 27.

I discovered Yarn at Rooster Walk Music and Arts Festival four years ago,
Deandre Hopkins Women’s Jersey and they had me at their hit “Annie.” I know others feel the same way, so to pass the time until the new album comes out,
Men’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey,here’s an exclusive premiere of the video for “Love/Hate,” which has a fun, retro look, with a nod to the ‘70s — complete with computer-generated effects showing the band’s own love/hate relationship with the old and new.

Blake Christiana, the band’s co-founder and front man, wrote all the songs on the new album including “Love/Hate,” with the exception of a co-write on one song with his buddy Shane Spaulding.

I have been sampling the album Christiana says is a tribute, in part, to Waylon and Willie, Merle Haggard and other Texas troubadours with distinctly renegade
Men’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Battle Red Alternate Jersey reputations.

“We were dealing with real life issues,” Christiana explained in a release.
Houston Texans Jersey “Broken relationships, a sense of having to regroup and put some things and people — behind us. The new songs became kind of a catharsis. Nothing was contrived. We didn’t have to relate to it in the third person. We were living these circumstances, and that gave us the impetus and inspiration to share our sentiments. Ultimately those setbacks and difficulties led to new opportunities and allowed a little light to shine through.

The album is all about re-evaluating relationships, making tough choices and sometimes skirting the rules — a page from the book of the musicians they admire. The album opens with “Carolina Heart,” an homage to the band’s new home; the boldy optimistic “This is the Year” is juxtaposed by tracks like “Love/Hate” and “Now You’re Gone,” which detail the challenges faced when one’s life is jolted off its bearings. Scattered throughout are playful tunes, like “Sweet Dolly,” which pays tribute to Americana’s first lady, the sweet-sounding epitome of reinvention and breaking the rules.Women’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Limited Navy Blue Team Color Jersey.

After listening to it for the first time, I contacted Christiana because I was
Deandre Hopkins Jersey concerned about the state of his marriage. He assured me that he and his wife are just fine, that’s just the place he goes when he writes. Turns out, he was writing about another kind of breakup.

“This Is The Year” comes out of the band’s re-forming following the departure of former co-founder Andrew Hendryx. I for one have found the new direction the band has taken has resulted in my favorite album of the band’s yet. Give it a listen. I think you will agree.

Since 2005, the former Brooklyn-based Yarn has received a Grammy nomination, nods from the Americana Music Association, placed top five on Radio and Records and the AMA album charts, garnered airplay on Sirius XM, iTunes, Pandora, CNN, CMT and they were the “Download of the Day” from Rolling Stone. They shared stages with superstars including Dwight Yoakam, Charlie Daniels, Marty Stuart, Allison Krauss, Leon Russell, and Jim Lauderdale, and performed at prestigious venues including Mountain Stage, Daytrotter, the Orange Peel, the Fox Theater, the 9:30 Club, South by Southwest and more. They have
Youth Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Battle Red Alternate Jersey accumulated more than 1,000 shows, half a million miles and performed in 32 states. They’ve paid their dues and then some.

For Christiana, bassist Rick Bugel, singer guitarist Rod Hohl and drummer Bobby
Deandre Hopkins Jersey Cheap Bonhomme, the band’s sixth album is emancipation; a change in direction, a chance to express themselves just as they like.

If you’re not familiar with the band, come check them out performing with the incomparable Sam Bush at Rooster Walk 8 on May 26-29 in Axton, Virginia.

Cheap Custom MLB Jersey More Needs To Be Done To Protect Children From Lead Paint Poisoning

New York City Public Advocate Letitia James says the city needs to strengthen the current regulations that are on the books to combat lead poisoning, following an on March 31. It revealed that some landlords fail to remove peeling lead paint from apartments with children, because it is more cost-effective to make repairs only after city Cheap Custom MLB Jersey inspectors notify them of dangerous lead conditions.

“All of the agencies have to do better enforcement, better inspection,” James said, adding that addressing Personalized Bears Jersey dangerous lead conditions should be a priority.

While lead in water has been making headlines in places like Flint, Michigan, in New York lead paint is one of the biggest sources of lead poisoning for small children, according to the Custom Bears Football Jersey health department. The Local Law 1, that was passed in 2004, requires landlords to remove chipping or chalking lead paint from apartments with children under the age of six.

But advocates have criticized the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development for failing to implement an effective system to conduct inspections that are not complaint-driven and collect fines from violators.

Ian Davie, a housing lawyer formerly with the Bronx Legal Services, told HuffPost that it’s very difficult to hold landlords accountable. “You need to have a license to run a hotdog stand but you don’t need a license to rent an apartment where people live,” he said.

From November 2013 to January 2016, the HPD has issued more than according to the HuffPost/WNYC analysis. A few zip codes in Northern Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn accounted for half of those violations. About 10 percent of the nearly 2,000 landlords who were issued lead paint violations during that two-year span were responsible for most of the violations. The HuffPost/WNYC analysis was based on the HPD database of housing code violations, owner registration and property records.

“We are committed to identifying children who may be at risk of lead exposure,” said a health department spokesperson in an emailed statement. “We will continue to zero in our efforts in the communities that are the most vulnerable.”

The housing department did not respond to requests for comment.

Since 2004, when the law was implemented, there has been an 80 percent drop in the number of New York children with a Custom Bears Jersey blood lead level above the Centers for Disease Control threshold of 5 micrograms per deciliter. However, in 2014 more than 6,000 had a according to health department data.

The HuffPost/WNYC report identified landlords Moshe Piller and Ved Parkash among those with the highest number of lead paint violations over the past two years. And in the past decade more than 10 families have sued the landlords alleging their children were exposed to the toxic metal because peeling lead paint had not been removed from their apartments.

On Monday, 38 against Parkash claiming their homes, in one of his buildings in the Bronx, don’t meet the standards of habitability and have hundreds of uncorrected maintenance issues, including peeling lead paint, according to the New York Daily News. The building, at 750 Grand Concourse had three lead paint violations between November 2013 and January 2016, according to the HuffPost/WNYC report.

“It’s unconscionable,” said James. “These people live in these conditions and he continues to collect the rent.”

Custom MLB Jersey Lakers-Jazz Preview

Seeking to maintain their hold on a playoff spot, the Jazz begin a critical homestand Monday night against the Los Angeles Lakers as they host Bryant for the final time.

Vying for just their second postseason berth since falling to the Bryant-led Lakers
Custom MLB Jersey in the 2010 conference semifinals, the Jazz have climbed to seventh in the West by winning seven of nine. Their grasp remains tenuous as they return home for a three-game stay, however, with ninth-place Dallas still one game back.

The NBA’s second-lowest scoring team, Utah (36-37) has compensated for its
Men’s Authentic Custom Baltimore Orioles Alternate Baseball Jersey Orange offensive deficiencies by excelling on the defensive end during its surge. It’s held opponents to 89.7 points and 7.0 makes from 3-point range – both league bests – in its nine games since March 11.

Utah was stingy again in its most recent outing, limiting Minnesota to 10 first-quarter points and 38.1 percent shooting overall to close a grueling five-game trip with Saturday’s 93-84 win.

The Jazz also struggled to score in their third road game in four days, but broke
Custom Orioles Jersey out with a 33-point fourth quarter to earn their third win on the trek. Gordon Hayward, held to two points over the first three quarters, scored 16 on 6-of-9 shooting during the fourth.

“The early part of the game we weren’t scoring, but we were defending. And that’s just what we’ve tried to say: ‘Let’s just guard, let’s guard, let’s guard, and eventually find a way to score,'” coach Quin Snyder said. “Not only did we score, we got a little hot there. Gordon, in particular, found his rhythm and gave us some buckets.”

Utah has used its defensive prowess to win both previous meetings with cold-shooting Los Angeles (15-58) this season. The Lakers, last in the NBA in 3-point percentage (31.7), were 3 of 21 from beyond the arc in an 86-74 home loss on Jan. 10 and shot 34.4 percent overall in a 109-82 defeat in Salt Lake City six days later.

Rudy Gobert was a major factor in the last matchup, compiling 18 points, 18 rebounds and five blocked shots to help the Jazz hold Los Angeles to 28 points in the paint.

Bryant had just five points in 15 minutes that night and missed the first meeting with an Achilles injury. Utah’s arena hasn’t been one of the retiring superstar’s favorite facilities, as Bryant’s 41.5 field goal percentage in 28 career regular-season games there is his lowest of any West venue.

The 37-year-old turned back the clock with a 28-point performance in Friday’s 116-105 loss to Denver and had 17 in 23 minutes Sunday against Washington. However, the Lakers mustered only 32 between the second and third quarters after building an early 12-point lead in a 101-88 defeat.

“Even with the good start, I just didn’t feel we had any zip (Sunday) at all,” coach Bryon Scott said after his team’s third consecutive loss and seventh in eight games. “For 48 minutes I just didn’t see it, for whatever reason.”

One positive over the last two losses has been the performances of Los Angeles’
Baltimore Orioles Personalized Jersey two expected future stars. D’Angelo Russell had 22 points on Sunday despite playing through an ankle sprain, while Julius Randle notched his first triple-double with 13 points, 18 rebounds and 10 assists against Denver.

The teams will close out the regular season in Los Angeles on April 13 in Bryant’s final game.

Deandre Hopkins Jersey Kerr responds to Curry’s, Warriors’ critics: We don’t mind

As someone who was a player and also became a general manager, Warriors coach Steve Kerr knows most everything about the NBA comes in cycles, including chirping from the cheap seats.

Each generation scoffs at the next one. So Kerr is not surprised that the Warriors,
Deandre Hopkins Jersey collectively and individually, continue to be subjected to slights and criticisms.

The latest slings came this week courtesy of Tracy McGrady, saying Stephen
Men’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Curry’s unanimous MVP vote is a product of a “watered-down” league, followed by Charles Barkley echoing that opinion.

“I don’t know if it’s that the critiquing is that much different from 20 years ago or if it’s just that there are so many more outlets and so many more forums for people to speak,” Kerr said Wednesday, 90 minutes before the tipoff of Game 5 against Portland.

“There were a lot of outspoken people 20 years ago when the Bulls were winning
Deandre Hopkins Jersey Cheap championships. Maybe there weren’t as many opportunities for people to say things, and there weren’t as many people
Men’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Battle Red Alternate Jersey listening.”

Wilt Chamberlain thought Kareem Abdul-Jabbar should have been better. In the 1990s, it was Kerr’s Chicago teammate, Michael Jordan, who was being called overrated. Similar comments were thrown at Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Athletes, no matter the sport, tend to believe the era in which they played was better than that which followed.

There was one comment that came from a member of today’s NBA. Cavaliers star LeBron James acknowledged that Curry was a deserving winner of the MVP award but added that the award itself leaves room for interpretation, making Deandre Hopkins Women’s Jersey clear that MVP and best player are not always synonymous.

“I don’t have any problem with that. LeBron’s absolutely right, that ‘most valuable player’ can be interpreted multiple ways,” Kerr said. “I read his
Women’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Limited Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Houston Texans Jersey comments. He said there’s no question Steph deserved it. So I didn’t take that as a slight. It was more of a philosophical comment in my mind, that there are different ways to look at a lot of these votes, whether it’s MVP or some of the others as well.

“I didn’t take it personally and I don’t think our guys mind that much.”

Deandre Hopkins Women’s Jersey NFL-National Football League roundup

Chargers running back Melvin Gordon followed up a disappointing rookie season by undergoing microfracture knee surgery.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Tuesday that Gordon had the surgery in
Deandre Hopkins Women’s Jersey January and should be ready for training camp in July. The typical recovery time ranges from 5-7 months.

The Dallas Cowboys may have a fully healthyTony Romo participating in organized team activities later this month.Men’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey.

Romo is recovering from left collarbone surgery and has impressed quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson during recent workouts.

“He’s looking good,” Wilson told the Dallas Morning News. “We had two practices where we’ve been out here on the field with the guys and he’s done everything.
Houston Texans Jersey He’s throwing, he’s got good velocity on all of his throws, great movement in his legs.”

Now that Johnny Manziel is gone from Cleveland, he’s putting his house on the market.

The former Browns quarterback’s three-bedroom home is currently listed on Realtor.com for $489,900.Men’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Battle Red Alternate Jersey.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is betting that the Oakland Raiders will indeed be moving to the gambling capital of the world.

Goodman is confident the relocation will occur as long as the state doesn’t mess up the process.

“The Raiders will come if Nevada handles this properly,” Goodman said during
Deandre Hopkins Jersey an ESPN podcast.

Wide receiver Danny Amendola preferred to take a pay cut with the New England Patriotsrather than hit the free agent market and test his value.
Women’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Limited Navy Blue Team Color Jersey.

The veteran agreed to a new contract with the Patriots that maxes out at $1.6 million for the 2016 season, a significant drop from the $4.4 million he was making in his previous contract.

Safety Karl Joseph signed a four-year deal with the Oakland Raiders worth $11.89 million, including team option for a fifth year.

Joseph, a hard-hitting safety from West Virginia, will wear No. 42, befitting the comparisons he’s drawn to all-time great Ronnie Lott. He was the 14th overall pick in the 2016 draft.Youth Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Battle Red Alternate Jersey.

Second-round pick A’Shawn Robinson signed with the Detroit Lions, and general manager Bob Quinn is still more than slightly stunned the Alabama defensive
Deandre Hopkins Jersey Cheap tackle was available with the 46th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Lions now have all 10 draft picks from the 2016 class signed to contracts.

The Cincinnati Bengals signed rookie linebacker Nick Vigil to an undisclosed contract.

The 6-foot-2, 239-pound Vigil was selected in the third round of the NFL Draft last month.

The Carolina Panthers and third-round pick Daryl Worley agreed to a four-year contract.Men’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Away White Jersey.

Worley, a cornerback from West Virginia, had 10 college interceptions before bypassing his senior season.

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: Deandre Hopkins Jersey A “Time Out” for Trump

It’s Mother’s Day and this election has me thinking about mothers past, present,
Deandre Hopkins Jersey and future — and what I will say to my future grandchildren if they ask me what happened to our democracy and to civility in 2016.

We’ve been bombarded with so much disrespectful behavior from Donald Trump, the current presumptive Republican nominee, that seeing it in the news is the new normal. Trump has called so many decent people so many terrible names that we hardly even notice anymore when the next bullying remark shows up on TV. Men’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey.

But we notice when it shows up in our kids.

Words matter. Words set the parameters of civil behavior in our nation, which in turn, impacts how kids behave. Moms know this. Dads know this. Trump just doesn’t seem to care.

Donald Trump has repeatedly bullied women he doesn’t like, calling them: “Fat pigs,” “dogs,” “slobs,” and, “disgusting animals.” And when Trump didn’t like how Megyn Kelly of Fox News was doing her job, he said: “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her… wherever…”

Trump’s also repeatedly made completely flat out racist and totally unfounded
Deandre Hopkins Jersey Cheap statements like that people coming from Mexico to the USA are, “Criminals, drug dealers, rapists.” He also unbelievably failed to immediately disavow David Duke and the KKK. And, he has stated that there should be a “total and complete shutdown” of entire religious group, Muslims,
Men’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Battle Red Alternate Jersey,entering our nation.

As parents know, sticks and stones can break bones, and words really do matter. Sadly, we can already see the toxic impact of Trump’s discourse on our children and in our communities.

Case in point: During a basketball game between two high schools in Indiana, students at one high school chanted “Build that wall” as they raised images of Presidential candidate Donald Trump while they played an opposing team whose players and fans were heavily Hispanic. This isn’t an isolated incidence, another game in a different state, Iowa this time, was interrupted by students shouting “Trump, Trump, Trump” at the players and fans from a school with a student-body that is nearly half Hispanic.

Further, in one recent study, more than two-thirds of teachers surveyed reported that students—mainly immigrants, children of immigrants and Muslims—expressed concerns or fears about what might happen to them or their families
Deandre Hopkins Women’s Jersey after the election.

What’s happening right now in our nation is bigger than politics.Women’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Limited Navy Blue Team Color Jersey.

Donald Trump is wrong for our country, for our children, for women and families, for businesses, and for our communities. Moms recognize a bully. A bully is someone who divides people. A bully is someone who preys on people’s worst fears and offers false solutions that just spread more pain and anger.

A bully is not a leader.

Words matter and policy matters too. And the only thing more toxic for our country and our communities than Trump’s hateful and divisive rhetoric are his misguided policy prescriptions. Policies that would make it harder for women to support their families and make their own choices when it comes to healthcare and their careers.

For instance, Trump brushes off the importance of equal pay for women, saying things like, “Well, you know, the marketplace is going to make sure of it.” And he once suggested family leave policies should actually be scaled back noting how pregnancy was “an inconvenience for a business.” Trump even complained once that employed mothers might not give him “100 percent” at work. Trump’s decades-long record of denigrating women and promoting misogyny is bad for our country, bad for business, and bad for our families. Youth Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Battle Red Alternate Jersey.

The reality is that women, moms, and working families are struggling and this type of false narrative that Trump is spreading will only make it worse. Women now earn only 79 cents to a man’s dollar as women are now half of our entire paid labor force. Moms and women of color experience even bigger wage hits.
Houston Texans Jersey In fact, being a mom is now a greater predictor of wage and hiring discrimination than being a woman.

Study after study show that this particular type of sexism that Trump is spreading has a significant negative real-world impact: For instance, one study found that with equal resumes and job experiences, moms were offered jobs 80% less of the time than non-moms and $11,000 lower annual starting salaries. Men, on the other hand, were offered $6,000 more if they were dads. Moms are also judged more harshly in the labor force and are taken off the management track for fewer late days than non-moms.

It can’t be ignored that a full 82% of women in America become moms at some point so this type of discrimination impacts most women.

All of this discrimination is happening despite the fact that studies show that the more women and moms who are in corporate leadership, the higher the corporate profits.Yes, profits. The marketplace most certainly isn’t fixing the problem of unfair pay as Trump has suggested.

In fact, sexist ideas like the ones that Trump is spreading are not only harming women, but also are harming the marketplace as a whole. Studies also show that our GDP would be increased by at least 3% if women, who are the primary consumers, in our consumer-fueled economy, had pay parity.

Donald Trump is wrong for business, he’s wrong for women, and he’s wrong for our country. We need real solutions to lift our families and our economy, not
Men’s Nike Houston Texans 10 DeAndre Hopkins Elite Away White Jersey toxic rhetoric to turn us against each other.

We need strong role models for our kids, ones that don’t spread hate and division. We expect our politicians to be positive forces for change that lifts everyone in our society. On the Democratic side, this year we have candidates who have spent decades fighting to bring us together, to lift us up, and to build better nation for everyone. They each speak to and inspire our better natures.

And Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee with 3 million more votes and 285 more pledged delegates than Bernie Sanders, has spent a lifetime rolling up her sleeves as she fights for women and girls and to break down barriers for everyone.

She’s rolled up her sleeves for paid family leave and childcare, two policies which studies show help lower the wage gap along with lifting families and the economy, even when the spotlight wasn’t on her. About women in the workplace, Clinton has called pay equity one “of the biggest issues to come to the forefront of our political lives,” along with affordable childcare and paid family leave.

This high prioritization level is necessary: Women are 50% of the entire paid labor forcefor the first time in history, and three-quarters of moms are now the primary or co-breadwinner, while our public policies lag behind our modern labor force in a way that hurts our global competitiveness. For instance, the US is the only industrialized nation in the world without some form of paid family leave, a policy which improves retention and productivity for businesses, cuts infant mortality by 25%, and saves taxpayer dollars in the long run.

To be clear, Hillary also walks the walk: While in the U.S. Senate she cosponsored and introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act and also cosponsored the Lilly Ledbe

Custom Cowboys Jersey Millions of Chinese workers go unpaid amid economic slowdown

China’s millions of migrant workers are bearing the brunt of the country’s ongoing economic slowdown as strikes and worker protests reach record levels,
Custom Cowboys Jersey new statistics reveal.

According to the most recent annual report from China’s National Bureau of Statistics, more than 2.7 million migrant workers — around 1% of the total — weren’t paid on time last year, the highest number in five years.Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey.
In the same period, China saw more than 2,700 strikes and protests, more than double the number the year before, according to China Labor Bulletin (CLB), a Hong Kong-based rights monitor.
As the country marks International Workers’ Day on May 1, the number of strikes and protests this year has already passed a thousand, and looks set to climb much higher. The government has announced plans to cut more than 1.8 million jobs in state-run coal and steel industries.Private employers have also been laying off workers as the country’s economic growth slows to its lowest rate in years.
“The basic trends have been clear for months now,” says Eli Friedman, editor of
Customized NFL Jersey the English-language edition of “China on Strike: Narratives of Worker Resistance.”
“No question that as this restructuring takes place that there’s going to be more of this kind of protest.”Men’s Nike Custom Made Dallas Cowboys Elite Black Camo Fashion NFL Jersey.
Despite there being 277 million migrant workers across the country, their stories are often ignored, says Friedman. “Many well-educated urban people in China
Custom Ravens Jersey know very little about migrant workers.”
Originally published by an underground press in Chinese in 2012, the book is a compilation of dozens of interviews with migrant factory workers in the manufacturing heartland of the Pearl River Delta, north of Hong Kong.
“One of the great things about these narratives is that it humanizes (migrant workers),” Friedman says, showing them not as a faceless mass producing iPhones or taking American jobs, but as “just normal people.”Stories in the book include that of A’ju, a migrant worker in Guangdong province who took part in her first strike when she was just 17-years-old and went on to lead protests and walkouts over unfair dismissals.Men’s Nike Custom Made Dallas Cowboys Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Football Jersey.
“The most important thing was solidarity,” she told the interviewer, adding that a significant factor in the protests was the young age of the workers, most of whom
Custom Bears Jersey had no pressure from their families and were far more willing to stand up for their rights than older generations.
Another migrant worker, Xiaobei, led a successful mass strike at a factory in Shenzhen, after management cut overtime and slashed benefits in the run up to the Lunar New Year.
The impact of the strike was such that it even inspired neighboring factories to take their own action.
Reflecting on the strike, Xiaobei told the interviewer that “if we had gone on strike earlier, the boss would have raised our wages ages ago.”
According to Friedman, understanding why Chinese workers, especially migrant workers, strike and protest is “something really important for understanding not just labor relations but political stability more broadly.”Women’s Nike Personalized Chicago Bears Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt.

New arrivals: Custom Red Sox Jersey The most popular baby names of 2015

For the second year in a row, they are the most popular baby names in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration. 2015 is actually the third consecutive year at the top for Noah.
We said our farewells to other perennial favorites — Daniel for boys and Madison
Custom Red Sox Jersey for girls — as two new baby names reached the Top 10: Benjamin for boys and Harper for girls. This is the first time either name has cracked the list of most popular names.Men’s Authentic Custom Boston Red Sox Home White Baseball Jersey Sale.
The lists for boys and girls haven’t changed much, with only a few shifts up and down. Perhaps Charlotte, a newcomer to the list last year, is a more popular name after the birth of British royal baby Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana in May 2015. James and Michael also swapped places, with the former growing in popularity.Men’s Authentic Custom Stitched Boston Red Sox Alternate Baseball Jersey Red.
The boy names are a mix of classics and nods to popular actors and pop culture.
Boston Red Sox Personalized Jersey The name Liam has steadily been on the rise in the top 10 since 2012, when the first “Hunger Games” film, starring Liam Hemsworth, premiered.
The Social Security Administration is able to share the ranking because parents provide the names of children when they apply for Social Security cards. The agency started releasing its popular baby name list by gender in 1997 but has collected names dating back to 1880.
Beyond the top 10, less-traditional names are also on the rise. For girls, Alaia spiked from No. 2,676 in 2014 to No. 664 in 2015. Perhaps this can be traced to Alaia Baldwin, a model and the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, or fashion designer Azzedine Alaia, the Social Security Administration noted.Women’s Personalized Boston Red Sox Authentic Home White Baseball Jersey Sale.
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Meilani, Adaline and Zelda are also growing in popularity. Meilani is the name of Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley’s daughter, born in 2014, as well as the middle name of “Soul Surfer” and shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton.
Custom MLB Jersey Adaline was Blake Lively’s character in the 2015 film “The Age of Adaline,” and Zelda could be attributed either to popular video game “The Legend of Zelda” or to continued fascination with writer Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
For boys, the name Riaan jumped from No. 2,286 to No. 926. This name is connected with the son of popular Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh. Huxley, Omari and Jabari are also rising on the list of popular names. Omari Hardwick is an actor who has appeared on the shows “Power” and “Being Mary Jane,” while Jabari Parker plays basketball for the Milwaukee Bucks.
As for Huxley, the agency is stumped, questioning whether “Brave New World” author Aldous Huxley is receiving renewed attention.Youth Authentic Custom Stitched Boston Red Sox Alternate Baseball Jersey Red.
Most popular names for girls in 2015:
1. Emma
2. Olivia
3. Sophia
4. Ava
5. Isabella
6. Mia
7. Abigail
8. Emily
9. Charlotte
10. Harper
Most popular names for boys in 2015:
1. Noah
2. Liam
3. Mason
4. Jacob
5. William
6. Ethan
7. James
8. Alexander
9. Michael
10. Benjamin